the Degree Confluence Project

Nigeria : Kaduna

3.7 km (2.3 miles) S of Ungwan Patachi, Kaduna, Nigeria
Approx. altitude: 780 m (2559 ft)
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Antipode: 10°S 172°W

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
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#2: North #3: South #4: East #5: West #6: GPS photo #7: Visitor Ewald #8: Visitor Siegi

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  10°N 8°E (visit #1)  

#1: General picture of the confluence area

(visited by Siegi Mayer and Ewald Latus)

02-Jul-2004 -- It all started when we, Ewald and myself, decided to travel to Abuja, Nigeria, to help to celebrate the 50th birthday of our mutual friend Helmut Resch. All of us keen enthusiasts in the outdoors and the African bush, we learnt about the "Confluence Community" in an article in "Der Spiegel" and by word of mouth of a colleague in Abuja. As we discussed it and saw that there was still a number of Confluences open to be visited, and urged and pushed by Helmut, Ewald and I decided to visit the Confluence 10N 8E.

We left Abuja in the morning after purchasing all the supplies to be able to celebrate just in case we will find the degree confluence. Driving via Keffi, Gitata, Kachia, the GPS readings were proof enough that we were on the right track. None of us had ever been using GPS in the past, so it was a huge learning experience. Spot on 10°00.000'N we stopped and made our way in the bush to find 8°00.000'E, which we found after about 300 meters.

The shooting of the GPS was somehow tricky, as the reflexes of the light made it difficult to get a clear picture - but we managed. Back to the car, we congratulated each other and brought out a toast to Helmut as he gave us the push to do it. All in all, a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Many thanks go to the following people whose help, encouragement, and support made this journey possible:
Armin Doerr - for setting up the GPS for us and giving us a crash-course in using it successfully.
Hans-Ulrich Luedemann - for explaining the concept of confluence searching and demonstrating through his own actions how it's done.
Last but not least, thanks to Matthew the driver who brought us safely to the area and back to Abuja again.

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#1: General picture of the confluence area
#2: North
#3: South
#4: East
#5: West
#6: GPS photo
#7: Visitor Ewald
#8: Visitor Siegi
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