the Degree Confluence Project

Russia : Sakhalinskaya oblast'

3.0 km (1.9 miles) NW of Ostrov Simushir (Island), Sakhalinskaya oblast', Russia
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 28°W

Accuracy: 1.4 km (1501 yd)
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#2: View North #3: View West #4: View South - KBP2007 Research Camp (center) #5: The GPS

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  47°N 152°E (incomplete) 

#1: View East - Prevo Volcano

(visited by James Taylor, Serge (Captain), Mitsuhiro NAKAGAWA, Yoshihiro ISHIZUKA, Akira BABA and Nicholas Shankel)

27-Jul-2007 -- I am a PhD student of archeology from the University of Washington and a researcher on the Kuril Biocomplexity Project http://depts.washington.edu/ikip/index.shtml. We were conducting our field research in the remote Kuril Islands of the Russian Far East by ship, as no regular flights or other means of transportation are available.

My small survey team had been picked up by zodiac from our encampment near Nakatamori Bay, Simushir Island on the 27th of July, 2007 and returned to the research vessel, Iskatel'-IV. The next morning I happened to notice that the ship's navigation system showed us approaching a confluence as we pulled anchor and started north. I suddenly remembered my friend telling me about Confluence, so I did my best to record as close to the intersection as possible, figuring no one would probably find themselves there again. I still do not know exactly how far I was from the intersection, but I fear it was slightly more than 100m.

Coordinator's note: slightly more than 1370m.

The first image shows the view east from the "confluence". On the left is Prevo Volcano, which was most recently active between the 17th and 19th centuries AD. Below is the coastline just north of Nakatamori Bay and our camp. Image 2 is the view north. Note that Iskatel'-IV is a twin-hulled vessel, hence the appearance of two bows in the photo. Image 3 is the view west... just water. Image 4 is the view south, although perhaps turned slightly to the southeast. This is the view of the bay in which we camped. Note the small white specks near the river mouth, center, is the remnant of our camp contingent who stayed for further research. Image 5 is of the GPS. Sorry I did not have it set as required by the rules. Next year I will be better prepared!

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#1: View East - Prevo Volcano
#2: View North
#3: View West
#4: View South - KBP2007 Research Camp (center)
#5: The GPS
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In the Sea of Okhotsk, just 2.2 km from the shore of Simushir island.