the Degree Confluence Project


1.5 km (0.9 miles) W of Obruk, Konya, Turkey
Approx. altitude: 1121 m (3677 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 146°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
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#2: Our GPS is showing 38N 34E #3: Finally, our team is over the confluence point 38N 35E. That was a good job and we're looking so happy after having found two confluence points. #4: View towards Obruk #5: Sign at the entrance to Obruk village #6: 700 year old, ancient caravanserai, called "Sultanhanı".

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  38°N 34°E  

#1: 360 degree panaromic view from 38N 34E

(visited by Derya Duman and Zeynep Kazan)

English version


05-Ara-2004 -- 38N 35E kesişim noktasını bulduktan sonra yeni hedefimize doğru Niğde'ye hareket ediyoruz. Saat 11.30'da Niğde'deyiz. Öğle yemeğimizi meşhur Gaziantep lokantasında yedikten sonra saat 12:00'de 2. hedef noktamız 38N 34E kesişim noktasına doğru yola çıkıyoruz.

Niğde'den ayrıldıktan 65 km sonra Adana-Ankara isitkametinde giden yoldan sola dönüyoruz. Ankara-Adana anayolunda 1 km ilerledikten sonra Obruk köyü tabelasını görüp anayoldan sağa Obruk köyüne yöneliyoruz. Köy ana yoldan 4 km mesafede. Kesişim noktasına 800 m mesafede arabadan iniyoruz. Saatimiz 12.00'ı gösteriyor. Etrafımız dümdüz tahıl tarlaları ile çevrili rakım 1115 metreler civarında. Yürüyüşümüze buğday tarlaları arasında devam edip saat 13:20 de 38N 34E kesişim noktasına ulaşıyoruz. Rakım 1120 m. Hava oldukça kapalı ve de soğuk. Sıcaklık 5-6 dereceler civarında. Gerekli fotoğrafları çekip notları aldıktan sonra arabaya dönüşe geçiyoruz. Saat 13:45 arabadayız. Obruk köyünden de fotoğraflar çekip Konya istikametinde 38N 33E kesişim noktasına doğru devam ediyoruz.

Hava bozuyor ve yağmur çiselemeye başlıyor. Yolumuz üzerinde gezilmesi gereken Sultanhan'a uğrayıp tarihi hakkında bilgiler alıp fotoğraflar çekiyoruz. Artık hava oldukça bozuk durumda yağmur oldukça şiddetli yağmaya başaldı. Bunda dolayı 38N 33E kesişim noktasını birdaki sefere bırakıyoruz fakat noktaya ait bilgileri de almayı ihmal etmiyoruz. Noktanın anayola 6.5 km kuş uçumu mesafede ve dağlık, tepelik bir arazide olduğu anlaşılıyor. 35N 33E noktasını arkamızda bırakıp Konya yönğnde yolumuza devam ediyoruz.

Saat 18:00 Konya'ya ulaşıyoruz. Mevlana camisini, tarihi mekanları ve Konya merkezini dolaşıp Konya'nın meşhur etli ekmeğini ve mevlana pidesini yeyip saat 19:30 Ankara'ya dönüşe geçiyoruz. Saat 22:00 da artık evimizdeyiz. Günün sonunda arabamızın km sayacı 992 km'yi gösteriyor.

2 tane kesişim noktası bulmanın sevincini Zeynep'le beraber yaşıyoruz.

English version

05-Dec-2004 -- Having hit our first target of 38N 35E, it was still 5 December 2004 and we were driving towards our next, 2nd target of 38N 34E.

At 12:00 we left Niğde and took the road leading to Adana-Ankara. After 1 km we turned right and arrived in Obruk village at 13:00. The village was 4 km far from the main road. We jumped off the car on the abandoned road and walked the remaining distance of 800 m on foot. An easy walk. There were no hills and valleys this time, but vast fields of wheat again. Did I say easy? I'm sorry, the weather was getting worse and the ground was totally wet and covered with snow and mud. A slippery surface, a marshy place! But we were determined and too excited to deal with anything else, so nothing could stop us. After a difficult walk, we were at our destinated Confluence 38N 34E, at 13:20. We took some pictures and a panoramic shot of the view and took the necessary notes. Then, we reached the car again at 13:45. We spent quite a long time cleaning our shoes and lower parts of our trousers. Having felt clean enough, we got into the car and after a deep breath we looked at each other and grinned. "Could we?" - "How about 38N 33E?" - "But it's on our way back...!" - No way, two Confluences were enough for one day!

It started rainning heavily and it was getting dark. The thick fog was the messenger of returning back home, thus we decided to visit 38N 33E during another planned activity. However, it was close to our way back home, so that we couldn't help ourselves to gather some information about 38N 33E. It's 6.5 km far from the main road (as the crow flies) and it's not a plain area; but covered with high hills and mountains.

Anyway, on our destination to Ankara via Konya, we stopped by a 700 year old, ancient caravanserai, called "Sultanhanı". It was huge and after having talked to the officer named Galip, we learned that it was the biggest and well protected caravanserai in Turkey. It was restored and the ennourmous gate was giving an impression of the importance of this construction. It was really worth seeing.

At 18:00 we reached Konya and walked around the center of the city. We were hungry and ended up in a restaurant. The famous "Etli ekmek" and "Mevlana pidesi" were delicious. At 19:30 we led towards our hometown Ankara, and finally were at home at about 22:00. When we arrived home, the total round trip was 992 km's drive.

Third for Derya and second for me, it was totally a successful confluence hunt. Tired but still alive...

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#1: 360 degree panaromic view from 38N 34E
#2: Our GPS is showing 38N 34E
#3: Finally, our team is over the confluence point 38N 35E. That was a good job and we're looking so happy after having found two confluence points.
#4: View towards Obruk
#5: Sign at the entrance to Obruk village
#6: 700 year old, ancient caravanserai, called "Sultanhanı".
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