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4.0 km (2.5 miles) SSE of Elmalı, Niğde, Turkey
Approx. altitude: 1759 m (5770 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 145°W

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
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#2: Our GPS is showing 38N 35E #3: Finally, our team is at the confluence point 38N 35E. That was a good job. #4: Aladağlar Demirkazık Summit seen from Demirkazık village #5: Arriving at Elmalı village #6: The houses of Elmalı

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  38°N 35°E  

#1: 360 degree panaromic view of 38N 35E

(visited by Derya Duman and Zeynep Kazan)

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05-Ara-2004 -- Bu kesişim noktasını bulmayı Zeynep ve Ben ramazan bayramıda yaptığımız Niğde Aladağlar faaliyetinde planlamıştık. Ancak zaman uygun olmadığı için bu projeyi daha sonraki bir zamana ertelemek zorunda kalmıştık.

Günlerden 4. Aralık 2004 Cumartesi işte beklenen gün geldi. 38N 35E kesişim noktası için saat 15:35 te Zeynep ve Ben Ankara'dan Niğde istikametinde yola çıkıyoruz. Ankara, Şereflikoçhisar, Aksaray, Bor, Niğde toplam 345 km yi 4 saatte alıyoruz. Saat 19:30 da Niğde'ye ulaşıyoruz. Niğde'nin meşhur lokantası Saruhan'da akşam yemeğimizi afiyetle yiyoruz ve Çamardı, Demirkazık köyü isitikametinde yolumuza devam ediyoruz. Saat 21:30da Demirkazık dağ evine ulaşıyoruz. 38N 35E kesişim noktasına 26.5 km (ana yoldan) mesafede olan Demirkazık dağ evinde geceyi geçiriyoruz. Hava oldukça soğuk 0 dercenin altında. Dışarıda her yer karlı görülüyor. Dağ evi konaklamak için oldukça müsait. Odamıza yerleşiyoruz ve yarın için hareket planlarımızı yapıyoruz. Günün sonunda 410 km yol yapmışız.

5. Aralık 04 Pazar sabah saat 8:30 noktayı bulmak için dağ evinden ayrılıyoruz. Arabamızla Elmalı köyü istikametinde 26.5 km yol aldıktan sonra saat 9:00 da arabayı uygun bir yere bırakıp kuş uçumu yaklaşık 2.65 km gerçekte 3.3 km yürüyerek 38N 35E kesişim noktasına ulaşıyoruz. Yolumuza 1550 rakımından başlayıp tepeleri 1775 rakımlı kesişim noktasına saat 10:00'da varıyoruz. Bulunduğumuz çevre buğday tarlaları ile çevrili bir yer. Hava oldukça soğuk 0 dereceler civarında.

Kuzeybatımızda Aladağların en yüksek zirvesi olan Demirkazık Dağı (3756 m) büyük bir ihtişamla kendini bizlere gösteriyor. Gerekli fotoğrafları çekip notlarımızı aldıktan sonra arabamıza dönüyoruz saat 10:45'te aradayız. Şimdi istikametimiz Niğde. 11:30 da Niğde merkeze ulaşıyoruz. Güzel bir öğle yemeği ardından saat 12:00 da 2. hedef noktamız 38N 34E kesişim noktasına doğru yola çıkıyoruz.

English version

05-Dec-2004 -- "Yes, we must do it!" - Those were the words exerted when we got closer to a still undiscovered Confluence on the occasion of our Niğde Aladağlar trekking and camping activity. However, we were with all those backpacks and stuff, and since the time was not appropriate, we had to delay that mission in our minds to another well planned activity.

At last, on 04 December 2004 at 15:35 Derya and I set out in search of our destination point, 38N 35E. We took the road from Ankara to Niğde. After a 4 hours' drive via Şereflikoçhisar, Aksaray and Bor we reached Niğde at 19:30. We had our dinner in one of the famous restaurants of Niğde "Saruhan", a restored, small, historic khan. The food was really delicious.

We drove from Niğde to Çamardı, Demirkazık village because we intended to spend the night at Demirkazık Mountain Hotel, which is located on the skirt and in natural beauty of the Aladağlar Mountains. The area is famous with its rich nature, fresh air and water, varieties of animals and mountain sports. Anyway, the hotel was 26.5 km far away from our destination point. The weather was cold, below 0˚C and everywhere was covered with snow. At the end of the day, we realised that we had covered a distance of 410 km.

The next day was a big day for us because after working with the map we agreed upon finding 2 intersection points on the same day. Therefore, early in the morning, we left the mountain house in order to reach the 1st Confluence. Having driven 26.5 km in the direction of Elmalı village, we got off the car at 09:00 and our GPS display was showing 2.65 km, which was our closest approach to the point (as the crow flies). Of course, when we started to walk we perceived that we had to walk more than that, 3.3 km being hills and valleys. Being fixed we stopped at no obstacle. Starting from 1550 m, we reached the altitude of 1775 m at 10:00 and there was the Confuence: A deserted place surrounded with fields of wheat.

In the North, there stood the charming Demirkazık peak (3756 m) with its magical, gigantic existance. To tell the truth, that was my first hit and I was excited and wondering about the feeling of standing on a determined but imaginary point: "How would it feel like?" Well, it all happened so quickly in a couple of minutes. We took some photos and a panoramic shot of the site and noted down the necessary information. Then we headed back to our car because we didn't want to lose time for our next visit, 38N 34E. The weather was still cold and I felt a bit blue while we were leaving the place behind. I still don't know why...?

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#1: 360 degree panaromic view of 38N 35E
#2: Our GPS is showing 38N 35E
#3: Finally, our team is at the confluence point 38N 35E. That was a good job.
#4: Aladağlar Demirkazık Summit seen from Demirkazık village
#5: Arriving at Elmalı village
#6: The houses of Elmalı
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