the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Utah

4.0 miles (6.5 km) SW of Kaysville, Davis, UT, USA
Approx. altitude: 1282 m (4205 ft)
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Antipode: 41°S 68°E

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  41°N 112°W (visit #8) (incomplete) 

#1: Confluence-W

(visited by Matty Ross)

12-Nov-2005 -- When I very first started Geocaching I became aware of the confluence project and set my sights on this one. It has taken me over 3 years to make it out here even though it was only a few miles from my home. It always looked like it would be a nasty one. Well it was everything I expected. About a third of a mile of nice road or trail. A mile of tall grass with about an inch of water, and a mile of MUD with an inch of water over it. I think I took a little better path than Jean and Chris did but not a lot better. I guess I wasn't in the best mood for this kind of hike. When I got to the conflunce location all I found was a hole in the mud. When the water came up I guess the Geocache floated away. I took some pics and a video, then signed a piece of paper, stuffed it into a film can, dropped it in the hole in the mud, then started the 2.6 mile hike back to the van.

Thanks for a memorable Geocache and perhaps my only Confluence. Next time I think I'll climb a mountain.

See you on the trail.

Scout Master

Coordinator's Note: This confluence is classified as "incomplete" because it does not meet the minimum photo requirements for the project.

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#1: Confluence-W
#2: Confluence-E
#3: Confluence-N
#4: Confluence
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On my map, the roads to the west of Kaysville are a little confusing. The basic landmark destination is the intersection of E 750 St S and Holmes Creek. The confluence is 1.78 miles (9384 feet) southwest (approximately) of this point. The actual heading is 227 degrees (true bearing).
Going south on SR 243/South Main St. in the center of Kaysville, bear right onto S 50 W (one block south of Center Street). Go 1.42 miles south until you come to Burton Lane (with I-15 directly to your right). Turn right onto S Burton Lane. Cross over or under I-15 and then a set of railroad tracks. Go 0.22 miles and cross another set of railroad tracks. Go 0.4 miles to the intersection with Sunset Drive. Turn left and go 0.3 miles; bear right onto an unnamed road! Go 1.14 miles on this road and intersect with E 750 St. S. Last road. Turn right and go 2.15 miles to Holmes Creek, your landmark destination as mentioned above.