the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Oregon

7.4 miles (11.9 km) E of Broadbent, Coos, OR, USA
Approx. altitude: 53 m (173 ft)
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Antipode: 43°S 56°E

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#2: This deadly high-voltage perimeter fence is just one of several protections for 43N/124W. #3: This trail leading to 43N/124W is protected by deadly organic land mines. #4: The amazing PFM-III+ showing successful achievement of the objective. #5: Suddenly the Shy Horse makes an aggressive flanking maneuver!

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  43°N 124°W (visit #1)  

#1: Mammalian Guard forces blocking my escape!

(visited by Peter B. Jones)

17-Sep-2000 -- Confluence Special Agent's Report
Confluence Hunt (Successful)

Rural Oregon, like much of rural America, has its share of farms. So it's not very surprising that many of the reports on Confluence Control Central’s (C3) website show many confluences are protected by Mammalian Guards and organic land mines. 43N/124W is no exception.

Located in the rural community of Bridge, 43N/124W is in the back yard of a small farm set along Myrtle Creek. Advance intelligence reports from C3 show that the farm is equipped with a Mammalian Guard force comprised of several Curious Pigs, a Shy Horse, and one class-III Stealth Offensive Vicious Attack Chicken (SOVAC-III). It was apparent this confluence hunt would require more preparation and caution than usual.

Donning my best formal riding suit (complete with bow tie) and filling the thermos with painfully dry martini (shaken, not stirred), I mounted my Q-cycle. With the saddlebags packed with enough Q-branch gadgets to shame Robocop, I headed south, unsure of what danger today's mission might bring.

Navigating to the area of the confluence was amazingly easy, thanks to Q-branch's mapping PFM-III+. Loaded with the highly detailed maps, this jewel of electronic wonderment provides second-to-second updates on the agent’s progress to the objective, and can even provide position updates to C3 via radio datalink.

Arriving in the area of the confluence, my training took over. Scouting the area for booby-traps and other hazards was second-nature to me and took but a few seconds. In no time at all a plan formed and I was on the trail. Literally. The PFM-III+ was tracking rock-solid and indicated the final objective was on a dirt road less than 300' away. The only obstacles now were the high-voltage perimeter fence and the Mammalian Guard force.

Scaling the fence proved to be easier than usual thanks to my decision to pack a plastic thermos rather than my usual (highly conductive) unobtanium model. After pouring the martini into the collapsible martini glass so thoughtfully provided by Q-branch, I smashed the thermos into pieces perfectly sized to insulate my impressive inseam from the lethal voltage coursing through the fence.

Once on the other side of the fence, I prepared for an unpleasant welcome from the Mammalian Guard. Not surprisingly, no activity was visible. The Mammalian Guard forces are well known for their guerilla tactics. My senses primed, I knew I would have to be on my highest alert for a sneak attack, especially by the deadly SOVAC-III.

Starting up the trail, I followed the arrow on the PFM-III. It was working perfectly, everything was going according to plan, but something was nagging at me. My seasoned Confluence Special Agent instincts told me something was wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my decoder-ring-finger on it. "Back-Out Now!" screamed a little voice in the back of my mind, but I ignored it. There was no way this little backwater confluence with a simple Mammalian Guard was going to get the better of Dr. Jones, CSA.

Soon the PFM-III+ indicated success. I had arrived at the confluence without incident. A less-experienced agent might have relaxed, unaware of the danger that remained hidden in the gorgeous scenery around me. I knew better. There was only one way out of the confluence and back to safety, and Mammalian Guard forces are not to be trifled with. More than one CSA has been lost after letting complacency disarm him in the middle of a mission.

Quickly recording the successful hunt with a Q-950 Digital Imaging device, I turned to backtrack out of the danger zone. That’s when I saw them. Zounds! A full contingent of Mammalian Guard was blocking the path. Two Curious Pigs and a Shy Horse! Drat the bad luck! As adrenaline filled my veins like ice-water, I crouched into the patented CSA combat position, hoping to intimidate them. Surely they knew I was a trained CSA, licensed to hunt! My curious pose had no effect, however. In fact, one of the Curious Pigs grunted his amusement at my antics! His discipline impressed me, for I knew that deep-inside he was terrified.

Cautiously, but with determination designed to intimidate, I advanced on the Mammalian Forces, driving them back into their defensive positions. Suddenly the shy horse advanced in a flanking maneuver designed to distract me. With lightning fast reflexes, I temporarily blinded him with the powerful strobe in my Q-950. Seeing their powerful comrade so deftly defeated, the Curious Pigs beat a hasty retreat to the safety of their trough, giving me the break I was looking for. Moving quickly but defiantly down the trail, I made my way back to the perimeter fence. I was almost safe with less than 10 yards to go, when my CSA instincts raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I whirled around and sure enough, there was a SOVAC-III, coming in fast for the kill. I raised my weapon and fired again and again, the powerful Q-950 whirring and clicking as fast I could trigger the shutter. The lightly armored SOVAC was no match for the powerful strobe, and he was quickly disoriented. I turned and sprinted the last 10 yards, clearing the fence with a mighty hurdle, leaving the plastic inseam insulators forgotten in the dust.

As I relaxed post-hunt on the bank of lovely Myrtle Creek and enjoyed my reward martini, the Mammalian Guard forces gazed at me balefully from within the perimeter fence. I could see in their eyes that they were looking forward to our next encounter and that they would be ready.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter B. Jones, CSA

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#1: Mammalian Guard forces blocking my escape!
#2: This deadly high-voltage perimeter fence is just one of several protections for 43N/124W.
#3: This trail leading to 43N/124W is protected by deadly organic land mines.
#4: The amazing PFM-III+ showing successful achievement of the objective.
#5: Suddenly the Shy Horse makes an aggressive flanking maneuver!
#6: The Curious Pigs retreat to a defensive Position!
#7: Attack of the SOVAC-III!
#8: Relaxing on lovely Myrtle Creek.
#9: The Evil Eye from the Curious Pigs.
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