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Iran : Fārs

9.6 km (6.0 miles) SE of Mārmeh, Fārs, Iran
Approx. altitude: 920 m (3018 ft)
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Antipode: 28°S 126°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
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#2: East of Confluence #3: South of Confluence #4: West of Confluence #5: The proof #6: Ahmed, Shaqayeq and Asef at the point #7: Water container beside the road (Berka)

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  28°N 54°E (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: North of Confluence

(visited by Ahmed Esfandnia, Asef Ebrahim Nejad and Shaqayeq Saeedi)

24-Aug-2004 -- It was already a long time that I was waiting for a holiday, but then I went home to visit this Confluence as the first in Iran, as till that day there were no visits from our country and I wanted to be the first. But finally, someone else did it before me already, so I'm the second now, but still it's good.

Four days after our marriage, before starting honeymoon, me and my wife went to the nearest Confluence in our area, which took us about 2 hours of driving. A good thing is that longitude 54° East is nearly passing over our hometown Evaz, but the latitude 28° North is 2 hours far. We passed through the villages of Kahneh, Kowreh, and Hīrom, it was a pretty hot summer afternoon, and these areas are totally dry and hot, with no sign of greenery. The only thing that can be found as an interesting object is the Hīrom seasonal lake, during winter it will be full of birds, in summer, most of this lake falls dry, and a lot of salt can be found.

After passing some mountains, and before reaching Marma and Banārūyeh, we found that our GPS receiver was indicating a location close to the Confluence. We had to leave the road to search for it, and as there were no other roads, we had to walk almost 1.2 km in the hot weather; it was not so pleasant. Finally, after all this walking, we got to the Confluence, which was surrounded by mountains, and two dry seasonal rivers were passing on both sides of it.

We are planning to continue finding more points during our honeymoon, you will soon see more.

A point that I wanted to explain more is about water in this area: As this area is totally dry, people build water containers, as you can see in picture #7. "Berka" in the language of the local people means a big water container. During winter, when it rains, the water goes to this berka, and it remains there until the summer, for people who are passing by. As for the roof shape of this berka, it is made like this because it helps to keep the water cool.

Coordinator's Note: This visit is classified as incomplete because the submitted photos don't meet the DCP Photo Requirements (minimum size and no visitors' belongings in the pictures).

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#1: North of Confluence
#2: East of Confluence
#3: South of Confluence
#4: West of Confluence
#5: The proof
#6: Ahmed, Shaqayeq and Asef at the point
#7: Water container beside the road (Berka)
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