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Most recent 15 visits posted for Zimbabwe (#1 - #15)

19°S 26°E preview image19°S 26°E
87.0 km (54.0 miles) SW of Hwange, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
21°S 29°E preview image21°S 29°E
3.9 km (2.4 miles) WSW of Antenior, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe
18°S 26°E preview image18°S 26°E
19.1 km (11.9 miles) ESE of Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
17°S 30°E preview image17°S 30°E
19.5 km (12.1 miles) SW of Mhangura, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
17°S 32°E preview image17°S 32°E
10.3 km (6.4 miles) SW of Chitsungo, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
20°S 32°E preview image20°S 32°E
35.1 km (21.8 miles) W of Birchenough Bridge (Manicaland), Masvingo, Zimbabwe
20°S 31°E preview image20°S 31°E
19.7 km (12.2 miles) ENE of Masvingo, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
17°S 29°E preview image17°S 29°E
22.5 km (14.0 miles) ENE of Mashami, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
18°S 29°E preview image18°S 29°E
19.8 km (12.3 miles) SSE of Gorodema, Midlands, Zimbabwe
19°S 29°E preview image19°S 29°E
10.5 km (6.5 miles) E of Nkayi (Matabeleland North), Midlands, Zimbabwe
19°S 30°E preview image19°S 30°E
9.1 km (5.7 miles) SW of Glendye, Midlands, Zimbabwe
18°S 30°E preview image18°S 30°E
13.2 km (8.2 miles) NNE of Melton, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
20°S 30°E preview image20°S 30°E
10.7 km (6.6 miles) SSW of Chikomo, Midlands, Zimbabwe
19°S 28°E preview image19°S 28°E
11.7 km (7.3 miles) NNE of Jissi, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
17°S 28°E preview image17°S 28°E
43.6 km (27.1 miles) WNW of Nbira (Mashonaland West), Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
Total listed: 15