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Better Pictures on [02-Nov-18]
We have increased the picture size: you can now upload 12 pictures up to 12 MB each (formerly 4 MB). In addition, the sizes of pictures and thumbs displayed in your reports are increased.

700 confluences in Russia [27-Jul-18]
During their 3-days journey in Siberia Valera Parshukov and Anton Semenov reached 58°N 87°E, which became 700-th confluence visited in Russia.

100+ confluences in Kazakhstan [07-Apr-18]
Valera Parshukov and partially Denis Spiridonov raised a number of visited confluences in Kazakhstan up to 107. Journey statistics: 8 days, 6000 km, 23 CP visits, 21 successful, 19 new confluences. The story starts from 52°N 75°E.

Memorial confluence journey [11-Feb-18]
Alexander Lobanov unexpectedly died a year ago during his Kazakhstan vacation. He was one of the first confluence hunters in Russia and Siberia. Valera Parshukov who was Alexander's childhood friend, devoted him his confluence journey in the remote swampy floodland of Ob river. The story starts from 59°N 81°E.

Maldives Completed [06-Feb-18]
With the visit of 7°N 73°E, the Maldives join the list of completed countries.

Welcome to Nuclear Test Site [30-Sep-17]
http://runetki.sexyThose who couldn't reach confluence 37°N 116°W on Nevada NTS in the USA have an opportunity to visit confluence 50°N 79°E on Semipalatinsk NTS in Kazakhstan following Denis Spiridonov

Swimming 600 m to reach a confluence [28-Aug-17]
No ship available? Then follow Thomas Barthel, who simply swam to a confluence in Switzerland. The story starts here.

persistence pays off [11-Jun-17]
17 years and 2 months after his unsuccessful attempt, Ross Finlayson finally conquered 21S-149E.

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4 new confluences on Polar Ural [06-Jun-17]
Aleksandr Mashnikov, the pioneer on skiing and his crew again conquered the confluences in the inaccessible region. This time on the Polar Ural. The story starts here

West Siberian Plain confluence journey [29-Apr-17]
International crew joined together to visit dozen CPs in West Siberian plain. Eight confluences was first-visited. It all starts here.

Five new confluences in Russia [24-Aug-16]
Valera Parshukov made a confluence journey (4600 km long) and visited five new confluences that completed two regions, Chelaybinsk and Orenburg. Starting from 54°N 62°E. Russia hits 1000 successful confluence visits!

A Confluence Geo-Gathering [21-Aug-16]

We are now just 6 months away from the total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017 whose centerline of totality passes almost exactly over 44N-114W.

You are informally invited to meet up and join other confluencers to experience this awesome event at a cool confluence.

Add 44N-114W to your Plans page or contact Shawn Fleming if you are interested!

summer holiday in the baltic [06-Aug-16]
Yakov Stepanov undertook a 7 visit tour beginning at 57N-26E.игры для девочек

RIP Dave Patton [04-Jun-16]
Dave Patton, the longtime technical lead for the project died suddenly while on a hike.

He was responsible for most of the coding effort behind the current project web site and he had already outlined his plans for a major reorganization with the intention of making it both easier to administrate and more secure.

He was also among the 50 most most active confluencers in the world, making his first visits more than 15 years ago.

Discover confluences in Kola peninsula [14-May-16]
Aleksandr Mashnikov and his crew went skiing 240 km across the tundra to visit 4 confluences (two virgin) above the Arctic Circle. The story starts here

4 CPs in extremely remote location [08-Mar-16]
Christian Tessmer and his crew visited four virgin confluences in the remote Siberian region. Above the Arctic Circle, with population density of one person per 56 sq. km. The story starts here.

Visit creation problems - solved! [29-Feb-16]
The picture submission issue has been fixed so new visits can once again be uploaded.

20 year jubilee! [20-Feb-16]
The Degree Confluence Project was started on 20-Feb-1996 when Alex Jarrett and Peter Cline made the first visit, to 43°N 72°W in New Hampshire. Since then there has been more than 20 000 visits made to over 7000 different confluence points.

3600km, 25 days [12-Jan-16]
Rainer Mautz did another of his cycling trips in China attempting 17 confluences along the way. It all starts here.

7000 confluences [02-Jan-16]
The visit to 58°N 102°W was the 7000-th unique successful visit posted (primary & secondary confluences combined). More than 7 years took for discovering last thousand new confluences.

New Andean Salar [23-Dec-15]
Kevin Bauer register 19S 67W on a new salar in the Andes Mountains, that used to be the 2nd lake in Bolivia. Here additional information about this new salar.

Four 1st visit in a row [14-Dec-15]
Joe Motter in a travel to South America has conquer 4 confluences never visit before in Andes Mountains. His quest starts here 20S 70W

Together with wild boars [18-Nov-15]
Confluent hunting surrounded by herds of wild boars, almost in the center of Europe. Read here.

5 countries, 6 days, 15 visits [15-Nov-15]
in what has become an annual tradition Karl Bryk and his son Michael undertook a multi-country european trip, it all begins here.

One more long confluence journey [03-Oct-15]
Valera Parshukov made a confluence journey from Pacific to the heart of Siberia, he drove 7200 km, visited 10 confluences and 2 attempted to visit. It starts here. At 50°N 130°E he exposed himself to mortal danger.
Warning: Be carefully prepared for hiking in the wild!

3rd line across australia [01-Oct-15]
On a recent trip out into remote Western Australia keen explorers Hugh Knight and John Crawford completed 29S across the entire width of Australia

Sacral numbers confluence [19-Apr-15]
Sacral confluence 60°N/E is repeatedly visited by unknown local confluence hunters. Here is the story.

First successful visit in Suriname [18-Feb-15]
Rainer Mautz in a travel to South America has conquer the first successful confluence visit in Suriname. His quest start here 5N 55W

R.I.P. Richard F Jones [09-Dec-14]
Today we received the very sad news of the passing of a fellow confluencer, Richard F Jones.

Seven new confluences in Kazakhstan [15-Nov-14]
Alexander Mashnikov, the conqueror of the highest North American confluence and his crew made a rapid journey over 7 new confluences in Western Kazakhstan. It starts here.

rare first visit to a country [31-Oct-14]
One of the two confluences in the Maldives has been visited. Here is the story.

aerial panorama [03-Oct-14]
Ross Finlayson has recently visited 34°N 111°W, a remote confluence in Arizona. He brought along a drone which allowed him to capture a full 360 degree video panorama from above the trees.

Vologda region in Russia is complete [28-Sep-14]
It took 9 years to complete the region. And all 22 CPs were visited by a single crew. Here is the final review.

China set with next generation hunter [22-Jul-14]
Experienced confluencers Targ Parsons and Peter SnowCao, introduced the next generation (Andy Parsons) to serious confluencing on this years China trip. It all starts here.

3 first time visits in australia [05-Jul-14]
After an army reunion two friends John Crawford and Hugh Knight went on a road trip taking in 3 first time visits, starting at 29S-141 E

guadeloupe is country 187 [13-May-14]
A visit of Captain Peter by ship to the marine Confluence 16N 62W added Guadeloupe to the list of countries with visited Confluences. This was Captain Peter's 250th confluence visit. spy phone app Buy cell phone spy software замшевые балетки Мильтония блистательная синяя Выбираем USB флешку

Ukrainian confluence line [22-Apr-14]
Valery Bezhevets visited 10 confluences in 10 days cycling through Ukraine. It all starts here. Thus the visitor collected all 17 confluences across 49N line in his country.

eighteen year anniversary [19-Feb-14]
Eighteen years ago, on February 20, 1996, Alex Jarrett and Peter Cline made the first Degree Confluence Project visit at 43°N 72°W. Now the project has over 12,000 visitors that have made over 12,000 successful confluence visits, in 186 countries. укоренение глоксиний навигаторы garmin сапоги зимние женские дутики центробежные насосы для полива Блины с мясом

a European confluence vacation [02-Jan-14]
Alfredo Remon combine his vacation in Europe with a confluence tour visiting 12 confluence, including one virgin not visited so far in France. The quest begins in 45N 0

2 ladies conquer a 5100 masl virgin CP [03-Oct-13]
Maria Viloria and Janet Ramon conquer alone a virgin confluence 12S 76W, in Andes mountain range at 5100 masl.

a holiday in Victoria [Australia] [04-May-13]
Earlier this year Ross Finlayson went on holiday to Victoria, Australia where he took in 8 points, starting at 38s-144E

2 complete lines in Australia [30-Mar-13]
Hugh Knight recently undertook an expedition to complete two lines of Confluence (30S & 31S) across Australia. The areas are remote & require permits to access, the trek begins here 31S-133E.

600 confluences in Russia [02-Jan-13]
During his 8-confluences journey in Central Asia Valera Parshukov reached 51N 90E, which became 600-th confluence visited in Russia.

what friends are for [20-Dec-12]
sometimes you don't always get around to doing things while you have the chance, sometimes though your friends can make the trip for you. In memory of Damian McMahon, Bob Allan and friends made four 1st time visits to some very remote spots, it all starts here 23S-130E

2nd China set summer 2012 [07-Sep-12]
Rainer Mautz visited 20 confluences in 26 days cycling 3674 km through China. It all starts here.

12 confluences in a row [05-Sep-12]
Shawn Fleming spent a few days visiting an even dozen US confluences, the trip starts here.

confluence milestone [09-Aug-12]
By the visit of Brian Roberts and friends to 22S 18E a new milestone of the DCP was reached: Of the total indexed primary confluences now 3/8 have been visited successfully.

uruguay is complete [07-Aug-12]
Milton Teuner on a bike trip from Brazil, has visited 32S 55W, and complete Uruguay's confluences

patience really is a virtue [28-Jul-12]
It only took three years of planning, and three attempts, but finally Cameron Hart conquered the elusive 15S-128E.

Wildfire wiped the forest around CP [24-Apr-12]
Another confluence, 55°N 39°E has changed its appearance after a severe fire.

ghana is complete [26-Mar-12]
A boat trip to 5N 3W completes Ghana's land and sea Confluences.

7 confluences winter journey [25-Feb-12]
Seven short winter days for seven new confluences in the northern wild. Boris Levin's adventure starts from 65°N 34°E.

11 western us confluences [22-Feb-12]
Shawn Fleming visited 11 confluences in 8 days, starting at 33°N 107°W

12000 visits posted [15-Feb-12]
Rainer's visit to 33°S 58°W became 12000-th successful visit posted (both primary and secondary) on this site.

A tour in South America [02-Feb-12]
Rainer Mautz has just completed a sequence of 10 confluence around Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Adventure begins at 35S 59W

confluencing around parallel 50s [17-Jan-12]
Sergio Zerega and his team have completed again a sequence of 12 confluences, 8 of them unvisited so far, this time mostly on parallel 50S. The quest begins at 46S 68W

all points east [03-Dec-11]
Florian Schindler made a four day trip, going out to the Ukrainian border, taking in points in the Czech & Slovak republics, Austria & Germany. It starts here at 49N-19E

revisiting CP could be more difficult [13-Nov-11]
In Venezuela 58 confluencer left their homes for the hunt of 11N 69W but only 20 manage to conquer it successfully

Yunnan trip [30-Oct-11]
E et al. traveled through China's Yunnan visiting confluences. Start here.

China and Japan sets [13-Oct-11]
Rainer Mautz spent some time in Asia again. First in China then in Japan. The China trip starts here and the Japan trip here.

DCP 15 year anniversary celebration [05-Sep-11]
45 Venezuelan confluencer celebrate DCP 15 year anniversary with a mega visit to 10N 65W. DCP regional coordinator provided a Diploma celebration

very well travelled [29-Aug-11]
On a recent visit to the UK, Shawn Fleming who had already "been" to the Equator & International Date Line, as well as the North Pole finally managed to get "feet down" on the Prime Meridian. Just the South Pole left...

javier valles completes portugal [06-Aug-11]
With this visit to 39N-7W Javier Valles collected the full set of mainland Portugese confluence points.

joined china trip [01-Aug-11]
Peter Snow Cao, Targ Parsons and Rainer Mautz all have extensive experience confluencing in China. Now they hooked up for short (by their standards) trip.

Minas Gerais state complete [06-May-11]
This large state in Brazil (52 confluences) have been complete by Simone Pasinotto visiting alone the last confluence 16S 41W

mayotte is country 184 [03-May-11]
A visit of Fabrice Blocteur by boat to 13S 45E in the coral reefs around Mayotte added the island between Africa and Madagascar to the list of countries with visited Confluences. Simultaneously, this also completed the Confluences of this country.

Centre of European Continent & 150th [20-Feb-11]
At the back end of 2010, Wojciech Czombik went on a road trip taking in the Centre of the European Continent and also marked the milestone of his 150th visit

1996 - 2011: the project is 15 years old [18-Feb-11]
February 20, 2011 marks the 15 year anniversary of the start of the Degree Confluence Project. In 1996 Alex Jarrett and Peter Cline made the first visit, to 43°N 72°W in New Hampshire. Fifteen years later, over 11,000 visitors have submitted over 91,000 photographs for over 11,000 confluence visits in 183 countries.

DCP New milestone reached [11-Feb-11]
Sergio Zerega and his team have complete a new DCP milestones of 6000 successful primary confluences. The quest begins at 29S 62W

jordan is complete [22-Nov-10]
A visit to confluence 32N 39E which is only 25 km from a tri-border point between Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi-Arabia completes the successfully visited confluences of Jordan.

spontaneous road trip [21-Oct-10]
apparently bored one weekend, Rainer Mautz decided on the spur of the moment to drive 500km to start a brief series at 46N-06E

6500 unique confluences [13-Oct-10]
The visit to 33N 4W in Morocco was the 6500th unique successful visit posted (primary + secondary confluences included).

european ancestor hunt [06-Oct-10]
Woody Harrell and his wife Cynthia recently came to Europe to visit his Uncle's grave at Omaha beach in Normandy. The first visit was at 51N-02E...

Southwest Russia confluence trip [26-Sep-10]
Aleksandr Mashnikov visited 8 new confluences in the south of European Russia. Start here. Russia gets the milestone of 700 successful visits.

3rd China trip this summer [01-Sep-10]
Rainer Mautz spent some time in the mountains of China to visit a few confluences. Start here. The other trips are Eric's and Targ's.

long overdue 2nd time visits [22-Aug-10]
Recently it came to Gordon Spence's attention (European Coordinator) that there were some points he hadn't been to in nearly 9 years. It starts at 52N-02W

filling a "nagging hole" [05-Aug-10]
Targ Parsons and Ah Feng filled a "nagging hole" in Targ's confluence map in China. It all starts here.

northern germany - summer road trip [01-Aug-10]
Paul Goetti and his wife Peggi Goetti took a 5 confluence road trip through Germany for their summer holidays. It all starts at 50N-10E.

new stories from China [31-Jul-10]
E et al. again spent some time in China's mountains visiting 8 unvisited confluences. Start here.

corpus christi road trip [17-Jul-10]
Florian Schindler made good use of the recent public holiday, a 9 point road trip, starting with 49N-07E and finishing 8 points later with 49N-01W.

new south wales is complete [27-Apr-10]
On a recent family holiday, Peter Schultz made a succesful visit to 32S-142E. This completes the state of New South Wales

sierra leone is country 182 [23-Apr-10]
After remaining a "white spot" for a long time, Sierra Leone received two independent confluence visits within six months, see 8N 12W and 9N 12W.

50N: halfway across Canada [16-Feb-10]
An interesting visit to 50N 116W, the last unvisited confluence along 50 degrees North in British Columbia, has completed a line of confluence visits half way across Canada. From 50N 127W on the west coast of Vancouver Island to 50N 91W in Ontario is just over 2500 kilometers. Google Maps suggests you can drive 3300KM from 50N 127W to 50N 91W in less than 2 days. From 50N 91W there is over 2400KM to the most easterly land-based 50N confluence in Canada, 50N 57W.

risky confluence [12-Feb-10]
Rainer Mautz has faced a dangerous situation when he was confluencing in Central America. Adventure begins at 19N 98W

confluencing around parallel 48s [31-Jan-10]
Sergio Zerega and his team have completed a sequence of 12 confluences, 11 of them unvisited so far, mostly on parallel 48S. The quest begins at 45S 69W

rare photos recovered! [03-Dec-09]
On his big bicycle trip to China/Central Asia in 2006 Rainer Mautz experienced a memory card failure. Recently he was able to recover the photos for: 45N 81E, 45N 82E, 46N 81E, 46N 80E, 43N 77E.

mini tour of england & wales [01-Nov-09]
Husband & wife confluence hunters from Canada Alan and Carolyn Fox came over on holiday to visit relatives. While here it all started with 52N-01W.

circling a continent [20-Oct-09]
Going from Abuja, Nigeria to Abuja, Nigeria shouldn't mean a large trip, one would think. However, it took Helmut Resch and Babs Coleman 19 1/2 months to do this trip while circling the entire African continent. On route, they could not forbear from visiting 83 Confluences. It all started on 28 January 2008 at 11N 5E.

rainer mautz completes another country [17-Oct-09]
A visit to 46N-07E, sees Europe's highest confluence reconquered, and completes Switzerland for Rainer Mautz.

500 confluences in russia [09-Oct-09]
Milepost is adventurous visit to 61N 46E, twelve-hour seventy-km journey along and around high-pressure gas pipeline.

first successful visit in guyana [29-Sep-09]
Rainer Mautz has just completed a sequence of 6 confluence visits/attempts during his trip to Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. He has achieved the first successful visit in Guyana and the 300th confluence visit milestone in Brazil. Adventure begins at 10N 65W

4 days from the nearest road [22-Jul-09]
As part of a two month expedition, Michael Olsen made two first time visits - 20S-124E and 20S-123E - in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia.

new china set [13-Jul-09]
E et al completed another set of confluences in a rarely visited area of China. It all starts here.

150th visit [31-May-09]
An international visit to the highest point in Wales saw Gordon Spence reach this milestone. The quest was completed with Poland's leading confluencer Wojciech Czombik.

benin is complete [27-May-09]
A visit of Jim Rybarski to 10N 2E completed the nine Confluences of West African state Benin.

2058 days between visits [14-May-09]
Henk Pouwels made his first visit to 48N-02W on 15th September 2003. Comparing the photos from a follow up visit on 4th May 2009 shows how things progress.

100 visits [14-May-09]
Earlier this year Wojciech Czombik completed his quest to reach the milestone of 100 visits. Starting at 51N-11E and culminating at visit 100.

stuck in the middle of nowhere [12-May-09]
Ross Finlayson had a scary trip to 40°N 116°W in Nevada when he got stuck in soft mud in a not-quite-dry lake bed, very far from civilization.

47 years on... [10-May-09]
...and a poignant visit for an ex-political prisoner of the former East German government to 52N-13E.

assaulted by mambas and deathly armies [06-Mar-09]
Even when expected to be 'a girl's confluence', in reality confluencing may present unexpected surprises and dangers. 'The Boys of Borneo' can tell you a thing or two about it... Read about their adventures on the search for 7N 2W and 6N 3W in Ghana.

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