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Kenya : Rift Valley
1 degrees south, 35 degrees east (visit #1) - All Pictures

#1: View of General Area
View of General Area
#2: View to South 1S 35E
View to South 1S 35E
#3: View to West 1S 35E
View to West 1S 35E
#4: View to North 1S 35E
View to North 1S 35E
#5: View to East 1S 35E
View to East 1S 35E
#6: GPS at Confluence 1S 35E
GPS at Confluence 1S 35E
#7: Visitors to Confluence, Steve, Carl, Bob, and Doug
Visitors to Confluence, Steve, Carl, Bob, and Doug
#8: Elephants en route to Confluence
Elephants en route to Confluence
#9: Visitors and others - an encounter
Visitors and others - an encounter
#10: Two Masai School Children
Two Masai School Children
#11: More Masai School Children
More Masai School Children
#12: Topo map detail of Confluence
Topo map detail of Confluence