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ITAvisen Article - English translation by Terje Mathisen

The big GPS-hunt

Sampling the World!

By Martin Sivertsen, fri 28 nov 2003 07:22

A new type of extreme sport is sending hightech explorers on a hunt for GPS-points. How many are YOU going to find?

The idea behind the Degree Confluence Project is the desire to sample the world by documenting all the imaginary crossings between longitude and latitude degrees.

An example: On october 5th Bjørn and Kjell Ove went on a trip on the Idse fjord, 14 km from Stavanger, armed with a GPS device (as well as fishing rods and families).

Their target was the point where 59 degrees north meets 6 degrees east, one of a 16,146 such crossing points (integer degrees) - by now it is properly photographed and documented on the project web site.

In the 59N 6E example we're talking about a relatively boring point, surrounded by the sea on all sides, which has now become one out of nearly three thousand documented points.

Collecting points

There are still over 13,000 confluences left, so the field is still wide open if you want to take part in the project. According to CNN, you will never be more than 79 km from the nearest point. All you need is a GPS receiver, some adventure spirit, and lots of spare time!