the Degree Confluence Project

The Degree Confluence Project
P.O. Box 415
Northampton, MA 01061-0415

Dear land owner or manager:

The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance in the Degree Confluence Project. This non-profit international research project is designed to record a sampling of the earth's geography by visiting every point on land where a degree of latitude crosses a degree of longitude. Participants in this project attempt to photograph the view from each of these locations and then post the images on the Internet so that anyone interested in the project may view them.

The exact intersection of _________ Latitude and _________ Longitude either lies on your property or requires a researcher to cross your property to visit it. Would you please allow the person with this letter to briefly access your property for the purposes of this project? This visit will take no more than a couple of minutes once the intersection is located. The researcher will take a few pictures of the view from the location and then leave. He or she will make every effort to cause no damage to your property, not disturb anything, and leave everything exactly as it was found. You are welcome to accompany the researcher on this visit so that you can see where this location lies on or near your property.

You may obtain more information about the Degree Confluence Project by visiting its website at on the Internet. You may also contact the Degree Confluence Project at the address above or by e-mail at or phone at (413) 586-8591.

Thank you for your help in this project.

The Degree Confluence Team