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First 15 visits for Guǎngdōng Shěng, China (#1 - #15)

21°N 110°E preview image21°N 110°E
10.8 km (6.7 miles) NW of Leizhou, Guǎngdōng, China
22°N 111°E preview image22°N 111°E
7.6 km (4.7 miles) SSW of Changpo, Guǎngdōng, China
23°N 112°E preview image23°N 112°E
5.8 km (3.6 miles) SSE of Nanxiang, Guǎngdōng, China
24°N 112°E preview image24°N 112°E
4.7 km (2.9 miles) NNW of Liangcun, Guǎngdōng, China
23°N 113°E preview image23°N 113°E
6.5 km (4.0 miles) NNE of Guanshan, Guǎngdōng, China
23°N 114°E preview image23°N 114°E
3.5 km (2.2 miles) NNE of Changping, Guǎngdōng, China
23°N 115°E preview image23°N 115°E
7.8 km (4.8 miles) ESE of Duozhu, Guǎngdōng, China
23°N 116°E preview image23°N 116°E
8.3 km (5.2 miles) SSE of Kuitan, Guǎngdōng, China
24°N 116°E preview image24°N 116°E
4.7 km (2.9 miles) NE of Xiabao, Guǎngdōng, China
24°N 115°E preview image24°N 115°E
5.0 km (3.1 miles) SE of Zengtian, Guǎngdōng, China
24°N 114°E preview image24°N 114°E
10.2 km (6.3 miles) W of Meikeng, Guǎngdōng, China
25°N 114°E preview image25°N 114°E
4.1 km (2.5 miles) NNE of Jiangkou, Guǎngdōng, China
25°N 113°E preview image25°N 113°E
11.5 km (7.1 miles) ENE of Wushan (Húnán), Guǎngdōng, China
[incomplete] [16-Feb-02]
22°N 113°E preview image22°N 113°E
1.7 km (1.1 miles) E of Chixi, Guǎngdōng, China
22°N 112°E preview image22°N 112°E
7.1 km (4.4 miles) ESE of Tangping, Guǎngdōng, China
Total listed: 15