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Mali : Kayes
13 degrees north, 11 degrees west (visit #1) - All Pictures

#1: Confluence in the middle of scrubs
Confluence in the middle of scrubs
#2: Scrubs to the North
Scrubs to the North
#3: 90m outside scrubs - bushfire eastwards
90m outside scrubs - bushfire eastwards
#4: Scrubs to the South
Scrubs to the South
#5: Scrubs to the West
Scrubs to the West
#6: GPS in the scrubs
GPS in the scrubs
#7: Narrow streets at Bérola
Narrow streets at Bérola
#8: Narrow ford - edge up
Narrow ford - edge up
#9: Road to the Confluence
Road to the Confluence
#10: Small ford
Small ford