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Namibia : Omusati

5.1 km (3.2 miles) SW of Iilambo, Omusati, Namibia
Approx. altitude: 1110 m (3641 ft)
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Antipode: 18°N 165°W

Accuracy: 24 m (78 ft)
Quality: good

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  18°S 15°E  

#1: North

(visited by Matthias Braune and Sebby Kankondi)

17-Apr-2004 -- We left Oshakati late morning to attend a traditional wedding close to a small settlement called Onemanya. We followed the tarred C41 to Okahao, 70 km from Oshakati. All along, the Confluence seemed to be quite close to the village that hosted the wedding ceremony. From Okahao, we turned south onto the D3635, a dirt road in good condition, now heading straight for the Confluence. With us was a good friend, Sebby Kankondi, the man in charge of Namibia's Port Authority. Coincidentally, Sebby had grown up in this area, his parents still living in Okahao.

After 12 km on the D3635 we arrived at the church in Onemanya, shortly before the actual wedding ceremony would take place. A quick glimpse at the GPS told us that the Confluence was a mere 6 km away. The ceremony appeared to be delayed and we took the decision to find the Confluence, especially as the big D3635 dirt road seemed to be heading straight for it.

We passed the Indira Gandhi Health Centre, a beautiful medical facility consisting of a primary healthcare clinic, maternity hospital and community centre. The entire complex is an initiative of His Excellency, Dr Sam S. Nujoma, President of the Republic of Namibia.

The D3635 turned eastwards and therefore away from the Confluence. We turned off-road, following small tracks around Mahango fields and traditional homesteads. After twenty minutes of criss-crossing with obstructions like thick sand and cattle herds at watering points, the scenery changed as we left the traditional villages behind us, the Confluence now only 3.8 km away...

We were lucky to find a small track, leading through dense Mopane bush. The sand was turning thicker, but the Audi performed well. We managed to bring the vehicle as close as 1.4 km of the Confluence. As we stepped out of the air-conditioned vehicle into the hot Namibian sun, the lunchtime heat of 42° Celsius forced us to open an ice-cold beer. After the last experience at 18S 16E, Nadia decided to wait at the vehicle with the children. Her long dress was for sure not the right "confluence-tracking" wear! Sebby and myself took off the ties and embarked on a gruesome journey through thick Mopane bush, infested with small stinging flies that were pleasantly surprised by these two visitors.

The scenery never changed and half an hour later we arrived at the Confluence with the fancy trousers still intact; the shoes had lost their shine a long time ago...

We missed the church ceremony, but were in time for the wedding celebrations, feeling quite satisfied.

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