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  1. the Degree Confluence Project
    1. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
    2. Goals - what the project is all about
    3. History - a bit of background about the project
    4. Copyright/Permissions - who owns the stories and images
    5. Contact and Discussion
      • Contact Us - email and mailing addresses, coordinator locations, and a form to submit your questions
      • Mailing lists - mailing lists you can join
      • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - information about the project's IRC channel
      • Project Updates
        • RSS Feeds - feeds available from this website
        • What's New - website changes
        • News Archive - all the News items from the site's main page
        • Pressroom - articles or broadcasts about the project
        • Press Center - information for journalists who wish to do a story about the project
        • Thanks - people who have helped the project
        • Stats - project statistics
  2. Confluences
    1. Definition - what is a "degree confluence"
    2. Information about a Confluence - about the information in our database
    3. Land, Water, Ice - does it matter where the confluence is located?
    4. Primary vs Secondary - the types of confluences
    5. Changes in the Confluence type - how the type can change
    6. Confluences on borders - which area 'owns' a confluence on a border
    7. Poles Problem - how we handle confluences near the poles
  3. Confluence Visits
    1. Definition - what is a "confluence visit"?
    2. Success vs Incomplete - what makes a visit a success?
    3. Changes in the Visit status - how the status can change
    4. Letter to Landowners - explains the confluence project to land owners
    5. Confluence Hunting Checklist - covers before, during, and after the hunt
    6. Photo Requirements - our requirements for photos for a successful visit
    7. Narrative Requirements - our requirements for the narrative for a successful visit
    8. Submitting a Visit - how to get your visit onto the site
    9. Pending Visits - a list of the current pending visits
    10. Random Visit - displays a random confluence visit
    11. Special Visits - visits, but not to degree confluences
    12. Antipodean Visits - confluence pairs on opposite sides of the globe
    13. Methods of Transportation - examples of various forms of transportation used in making confluence visits
  4. Other Stuff
    1. Links - links related to the project, or of general interest
    2. T-shirts, mugs and caps - products to help support the project
    3. Calendars - the Degree Confluence Project calendar
    4. Search - search for confluences or visitors
    5. Search Page Help - the help page for searches
    6. Visitor Index - search for and list visitors
    7. Worldwide Maps - links to our three worldwide maps
    8. Map Help - the help page for our maps, and map links
    9. Member Page - your member page (login required)
    10. Country Index - a list of all countries