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China : Hēilóngjiāng Shěng

13.4 km (8.3 miles) NE of Xinlincun, Hēilóngjiāng, China
Approx. altitude: 50 m (164 ft)
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Antipode: 48°S 46°W

Quality: good

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#2: GPS #3: East from 48n134e #4: West from 48n134e #5: South from 48n134e #6: North from 48n134e #7: Only me arrived 48n134e. #8: HeiLongJiang Wetland

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  48°N 134°E  

#1: Overview of 48N134E

(visited by Dongyu Tan)

English Narrative

03-Oct-2007 -- 2007年9月30日,我首先从北京飞往中国黑龙江省佳木斯市,然后乘长途车经过6小时旅行来到中国最东北的县城-抚远县。10月3日,乘坐出租车,来到该县寒葱沟镇,该镇在东北建设兵团被称为前哨。出租车在镇子主街一路口右转走上一条土路,过浓江上的一座小桥后,开往鸭南乡方向。行走颠簸土路几公里后,经过鸭南乡约3-4公里,对照GoogleEarth的卫星地图,找到距离最近的一条田间小路。车辆不能进入,只好步行。此时,GPS显示距离48N134E仅有2公里直线距离。我开始徒步,路边一直有沟渠,无法跨越。向西南行走1.5公里,找到一处无水的地点跨过沟渠,进入农田。农田中全部都是成熟大豆,行走比较困难。在农田中向目标方向穿越不到2公里,遇到一片树林,此时显示距离目标还有110米。树林无法通过,其中有深沟,向东北方向绕行过了树林,到达目标。48N134E位于一片巨大的农田中,四周均是数公里的农田,非常广阔。这个点是中国最东北的整数经纬度交叉点。很高兴,作为中国人第一个访问了这个点。

English Narrative

03-Oct-2007 -- I took plane from Beijing to Jia Mu Si City, Hei Long Jiang province on 30th September, 2007. Thereafter 6 hours' coach travel, I arrived in the furthest county, Fu Yuan county, in North-East of China.

On 3rd October, I took a taxi to Han Cong Gou town, which was called "Outpost" by North East Constructive Corps. The taxi made a right turn to a dusty country road from the main street of the town. Through a small bridge over the Nong River, I was heading to Ya Nan village. I found a shortcut from Google Earth Satellite map after I passed 3-4 kilometers away from Ya Nan village. Unfortunately, the country road was too narrow for the taxi. I had to start walking from here.

Reading from GPS, my current location was 2 kilometers away from 48N134E, which is my destination. I walked along the road for 1.5 kilometers to South-West direction. Then I jumped over a waterless ditch on roadside and entered a farmland. There were mature soybeans growing on the farmland. I made my way through this farmland and headed to the destination for around 2 kilometers, until I reached the edge of woods. It was only 110 meters away from my destination. But there were so many deep ditches in the woods that I can hardly walk through. Then I headed to North-East to bypass the woods. I was finally there, my destination, 48N134E, which was located in a vast farmland with several kilometers wide. It was the confluence point between furthest latitude and longitude of North-East of China. I was so excited to be the first Chinese person to reach this location.

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#1: Overview of 48N134E
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