the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : Queensland

6.3 km (3.9 miles) NW of Glenleigh, QLD, Australia
Approx. altitude: 410 m (1345 ft)
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Antipode: 25°N 29°W

Accuracy: 36 m (118 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Closest access #3: Downhill through forest #4: This part wasn't as tough as most of the scrub #5: GPS

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  25°S 151°E  

#1: Underbrush near the confluence

(visited by Owen Foley)

11-Apr-2002 -- This confluence isn't an easy one to get to. I drove along a valley towards it until the road stopped 4.5 kilometres short of the point which lay to the west on the other side of a high, forested ridge. A friendly farmer pointed out a track further back which lead up to the top of the ridge and along it into Coominglah State Forest. Following a steep and rocky track, I managed to get to 1.1 kilometres from the point in rough and thickly forested country.

I wasn't expecting to go confluencing so I didn’t have a compass with me and this confluence is the kind that you really should take a compass for. Before leaving the car I remembered to mark the car on my GPS and to take spare batteries. The walk was very slow going down rocky slopes through thick shrubby scrub. The cobwebs between every bush slowed me down but perhaps they stopped me from stumbling. At the bottom of the slope the brush became thicker and it became a matter of putting my head down and pushing through, with progress slowed by tangles of vines. But this didn't last long. There was another hill to climb and it had dense and scratchy, not quite impassable shpulder-high shrubs that I slowly waded through, watching the metres to travel trickle by very slowly. The sun had dropped below the next hill and it was getting close to sunset. The last 100 metres had taken so long and the brush seemed even thicker. It was closing up behind me and returning would be no easier. I gave up 36 metres from the point to get some photos before the light was gone.

Since the path I'd used for the approach was so awkward, I tried to return a different way and hoped to find some more open country. For about halfway I had to battle the thick underbrush but eventually found a very steep climb with sparser growth and kept going till I intersected the track and found the car in the dark.

Perhaps if I went back earlier on another day, I could get better photos of the site. But somehow I don't think I'll be trying that.

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#1: Underbrush near the confluence
#2: Closest access
#3: Downhill through forest
#4: This part wasn't as tough as most of the scrub
#5: GPS
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