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Australia : South Australia

97.9 km (60.8 miles) NNE of Bookabie, SA, Australia
Approx. altitude: 129 m (423 ft)
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Antipode: 31°N 47°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Looking East #3: Looking South with the point in the foreground #4: Looking West #5: The Crew #6: Too steep,the last sand dune

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  31°S 133°E  

#1: Looking North

(visited by Hugh Knight)

24-May-2012 -- This is the first complete line of CP's across Australia.

To fill this line in and make the first line across Australia was the challenge and the obstacles were… no roads or tracks and 18 metre high red [mallee/spinefex] clad sand dunes and a point which was to be nearly 120kms from the closest road.

On the 24th of May I travelled 70kms north of Yalata on the Eyre highway and camped on the western edge of Lake Tallacootra. At 0700hrs the next morning I set off in an easterly direction following some tracks which led me to a burnt out area on the map, from there on it was a case of make your own track and it is in this situation that you know you’re alone.

However, having a friend in Perth 1600km/1000miles away with an HF wireless was good company and he was my main contact for the two days until I got back to the road west of Lake Tallacootra. I eventually arrived at the last sand dune at 1630hrs and as it was too difficult to cross,I walked over and did the CP.

The last few dunes were hard to cross so I went back over them before dark and camped. Next morning was a 0700hrs start and generally trying to follow my tracks back, but some of the dunes were too steep to go back over, so more bush bashing to find another approach. On the way back I was privileged to see four Dingos in a group, a Wombat out for a drink in a puddle and some Kangaroos and Camels, quite a lot of wildlife in one area. I arrived back at the road just before dark on the second day, camped for the night and then on to Ceduna for a permit to do more CP's.

Continued at 30S-130E.

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#1: Looking North
#2: Looking East
#3: Looking South with the point in the foreground
#4: Looking West
#5: The Crew
#6: Too steep,the last sand dune
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In the Yellabina Regional Resereve.