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Venezuela : Monagas

6.6 km (4.1 miles) SE of Rangeleño, Monagas, Venezuela
Approx. altitude: 1458 m (4783 ft)
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Antipode: 10°S 116°E

Quality: good

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  10°N 64°W  

#1: North View

(visited by Rainier Rada)

12-May-2007 -- The confluence is located at the North East of Nuevo Mundo town which is at the North West of Monagas State.
After several months of planning best routes and 2 attempts to reach the confluence (by the top of the mountains and by the riverside), it was finally reached by following the river track all the way up (east) where mountains merge.
The confluence was named long time ago as "La Bicha" ("The Monster") because the difficulties and uncertainties to reach it. Most locals didn’t know how to reach it. The trip started at an area called "Las Chaguaramas" and ended at an area called "Las Palmeras".
Most of the trip is done by foot and few kilometers can be done riding a horse or a mule. It is around 8+ hours walk back and forth now that we know better the route.
The view is spectacular and the river’s water is excellent and crystal. Climbing the mountain is difficult since the ground is covered by loose rocks most of it.
The weather is very comfortable and beautiful Orquids can be found in a variaty of colors. Need to watch out for snakes and ticks.
I like to thanks the support team and to encourage everybody to visit and enjoy such a beautiful confluence.

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