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India : Andhra Pradesh

7.7 km (4.8 miles) NW of Bikkavolu, Andhra Pradesh, India
Approx. altitude: 57 m (187 ft)
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Antipode: 17°S 98°W

Accuracy: 13 m (42 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: East side to 17N 82E #3: North Side to 17N 82E #4: Souh Side to 17N82E #5: Chandra near 17N82E with GPS in his hand #6: Subbaiah with seenu on his left and siva on his right near farm hut of Seenu

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  17°N 82°E  

#1: 17N82E in the middle of the field (taken from east side)

(visited by Chandra Dasaka and Subbaiah Dasaka)

31-Jan-2004 -- Our visit to 17 N 82 E.

Visit by chandra Dasaka and Subbaiah Dasaka
Date: 31-Jan-04, time: 1625Hrs

Place: In the paddy fields of Mr. Padala Rama Reddy, between the villages Balavaram and Domtaluru. Rajanagar Mandalam. About 900 meters from the nearest mud road.

Dedicated to Mr. Günter walser, Austria.

With the eagerness to visit one more confluence point before 31st of January, the event to visit our native place Vungutur for a religious function scheduled for 1st February came very hand. It was a god sends opportunity and I have decided not to miss it. I have called my brother Subbaiah Dasaka, who works as Chief Engineer with Oil and Natural Gas Commission at Rajahmundry, which is about 23 km from 17N and 82E, to check if we can make it. He has immediately agreed for the same and said he would arrange a transport for the visit.

I left Hyderabad on 30th night and reached Rajahmundry by 31st morning. My brother and I have planned to visit the confluence point in the afternoon so that he could complete his seminar and I can complete a visit to a pilgrim center in the morning.

We have started off to the confluence point at 230pm in the cab and proceeded towards to Samalkot via Dwarapudi. We proceeded till the GPS reading was 3.5KM to the point, where it started to increase slowly and the direction was navigator is showing more than 90 degrees toward the left. So we have decided to drive few meters back and took turn towards West. We proceeded further on that road towards Rajanagaram till the point was 1.1 Km and again the navigator was showing more than 90 degrees towards south. We have taken next mud road available through the fields, which we realized later that it is a private road. After traveling for more than a kilometer we have noticed that we have covered only 185 meters, with no approach in view as in front of us is a thick group of trees and thorny bushes all around. We thought, we cannot make it any further. Not willing to give up so fast, we were looking around and then came, Mr. MVV Satyanarayana popularly known as Seenu on his bike. We realized that he is the owner of the fields there and we were standing on his private road. He enquired our purpose of visit there and became curious and has decided to help us in approaching the point. As it was all thick bushes and trees, he offered to take me on his bike. One can imagine how adventurous and dangerous his driving was, if I say that sitting behind him as a pillion rider itself was an experience of life. His dare devil driving, through those trees and bushes, where there is not even pedestrian track was there. By the time we have covered 400 meters towards the point, both of us had at least a dozen thorns each over our bodies. We reached a point where we cannot proceed further on the bike. So we left the bike there and started walking towards the point. After walking for further 200 meters, to our pleasant surprise we were in the paddy fields of Mr. Reddy. Mr. Reddy asked us about the purpose of the visit there and I have explained him about the confluence point lying in his field. He was surprised when I told him that of the 24 points in Andhra Pradesh State, one is lying right in his fields. He was wondered and wished us good luck. We proceeded further and we were excited that we are fast approaching the point. We had to walk over a small bund for few meters and lo we are just 13.8 meters away from the point. The point is right in the middle of the paddy field, which is full of water, and I was advised not to walk on the fields. I have taken the snaps of the GPS, and 4 sides as required. Meanwhile, my brother also joined us there. He was very excited as this is his first confluence point visit We could not believe that we could make this visit a successful one. But for the help of Mr. Seenu we would definitely have given up 900 meters from the point.

With, heart full of satisfaction, we walked back to the place where we left our car and Mr. Seenu has ordered his men to pluck few coconuts for us to drink the water. We have relaxed there for a while and sincerely thanking him, we started back to Rajahmundry discussing about my earlier visits. This time the journey is easier, as the route by now is familiar and we know we are going to Rajahmundry.

Contact Information: Chandra Dasaka 91-40-30902105
Subbaiah Dasaka: 91-94406-21169

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#1: 17N82E in the middle of the field (taken from east side)
#2: East side to 17N 82E
#3: North Side to 17N 82E
#4: Souh Side to 17N82E
#5: Chandra near 17N82E with GPS in his hand
#6: Subbaiah with seenu on his left and siva on his right near farm hut of Seenu
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