the Degree Confluence Project

India : Maharashtra

7.6 km (4.7 miles) SW of Edalābād, Maharashtra, India
Approx. altitude: 289 m (948 ft)
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Antipode: 21°S 104°W

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Pic from DCP2 facing North #3: Pic from DCP2 facing South #4: Pic from DCP2 facing East #5: Pic from DCP2 facing West #6: GPS receiver showing DCP2 #7: Point where we parked vehicles and set for DCP2

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  21°N 76°E  

#1: DCP2 marked by erecting a stick

(visited by Omkar Joshi and Sourabh Porwal)

13-Aug-2012 -- This DCP was the second of the three (DCP #1, DCP #3) we visited in a 5-day expedition from 11 - 15 August 2012. The route taken was Kalyān -> Nashik -> Dhule -> Jālgaon -> Shegaon -> Akola -> Kalyān. This narrative is written by including only the DCP relevant stuff from my detailed expedition report.

The day was important - two DCPs, separated by a distance of 150 km, were to be covered and halt was to be made in Shegaon. But we still started from Jālgaon at leisure and hit NH-6 again. Soon we crossed Bhusāwal and halted for breakfast. From here, the Bhusāwal Thermal Power Project was visible. We then crossed Warangaon, where I saw an ordnance factory which probably wasn’t directly related to DoD, and continued. We made a mistake - the car was left behind and we rode way ahead. Later, we got confused after seeing the compass which was pointing in the southwest direction for DCP #2 and we were heading northeast. After an exercise of traversing towards Bodvad, Chālisgaon, we decided to fallback till Warangaon and begin search afresh. But well before Warangaon (around 11 km), the pointer turned perpendicular to the road and we decided to stop. We parked our vehicles at a 'dhaba'.

Antik and Vishy decided to stay back while I and Golu set on the search. We were carrying jackets, camera, tracker, notepad, pen, and 1 litre water. Traversing fields of Paddy and Jowar and occasional wastelands, we were heading towards DCP #2. Due to little or no rains the previous and that day, the soil in the fields was not sticky. The humidity must have been above 60% - we were sweating a lot. We had to cross 2 hillocks which had many shrubs and thorny trees. Again, we came across curious and surprised farmers, some thought we were students, some believed we had come for inspection for setting cell phone towers. One thing I noticed was the language had a very little Marathi flavor and the diction was quite harsh. After walking for a distance of almost 4 km (at least, we felt so), we reached the point. This was on a wasteland and not a cultivated farm. As told by a villager, the village is Hartaala (Hartaale?) and probably is under the Muktainagar police station’s jurisdiction. We quickly erected a stick on the point, took the necessary photos and headed back to the highway.

We reached the parking spot at around 14:30 hours. We again set towards Shegaon, after some delay due to Vishy’s bike stalling. After we crossed Malkāpur, the bike gave up again and we had to stop at a ‘dhaba’. I and Antik hurried in the car to Malkāpur and brought a mechanic along who asked us to change the plug in the next town of Nandure. We obliged. DCP #3 visit was pushed to the next day as it was getting dark. After passing Khamgaon, we left NH6 and reached Shegaon, got a comfortable accommodation and went for Gajanan Maharaj’s samaadhisthan visit.

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#1: DCP2 marked by erecting a stick
#2: Pic from DCP2 facing North
#3: Pic from DCP2 facing South
#4: Pic from DCP2 facing East
#5: Pic from DCP2 facing West
#6: GPS receiver showing DCP2
#7: Point where we parked vehicles and set for DCP2
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