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Japan : Kyūshū

22.7 km (14.1 miles) ESE of Hateruma-jima (Island), Okinawa-ken, Kyūshū, Japan
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 24°S 56°W

Quality: good

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#2: GPS of Confluence #3: Proof of attainment #4: The south end of japan.manned island. #5: Buffalo Taketyan and Taiyo #6: Sugarcane #7: Our Boss and Andagi and B-san #8: View east #9: View north

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  24°N 124°E  

#1: Place of confluense

(visited by Taiyo Sugiura)

English Narrative

21-Dec-2004 -- 私たちは、日本のゼロハンター集団「CHEERS」です。 まず私たちは、飛行機で、東京から石垣島へ行きました。石垣島では、GPSの表示は「南西へ 42km」。私たちは「この島にポイント・ゼロは無い」と判断しました。



私たちは水牛を降りて、島の南西を目指します。自転車を借りて移動し、「カイジ浜」に到着しました。「カイジ浜」は、南国のリゾートのように美しい浜辺でした。猫が多くおり、「星の砂」がありました。大きさが1mmの「星の砂」は、幸運をもたらすという言い伝えがあります。結局、この「竹富島」にポイント・ゼロ はありませんでした。私たちは「星の砂」を持って、他の島に行くことにしました。

しかし、GPSは「東南東へ、21km」。この島にもポイント・ゼロ はありませんでした。また、その方角には島がありません。私たちは「船で行くしかない」と判断し、船を探すため、集落へ向けて歩きました。




「北緯24゜00′00″東経124゜00′00″」にたどり着いたのは 太陽、弦、安西、一輝、淳一、間宮、高崎、下正。 こうして、「ゼロハンター伝説」に、新たな1ページが刻まれました。

English Narrative

21-Dec-2004 -- It has gone to "N24゚00′00″E124゚00′00″

We are confluence hunter group "CHEERS " in Japan.

First of all, we went to Ishigakijima from Tokyo by airplane. In Ishigakijima, the display of GPS said the confluence is 42km to the southwest. Then, we decided we had to go to another island. In Ishigakijima, there is no confluence.

First we had lunch. We ate Soki-soba nearby and Goya-champru an Okinawa special product. Then we went to the port of Ishigakijima. The ships leave from here to other islands.

First of all, we went to "Taketomi island" in the direction in the southwest. There is a sightseeing car using the buffalo, and the buffalo of the name "Bamboo" pulls the oxcart on this island. The buffalo only goes around in the village though. So we got off the buffalo, and aimed at the southwest of the island. We moved with a rented bike, and we arrived at "Kaiji beach". "Kaiji beach" is so beautiful as resort in the south. There are a lot of cats, and"Sand of the star". "Sand of the star" of 1mm in the size has the legend of bringing luck. After all, there was no confluence in this "Taketomi island". We decided to go to other islands with "Sand of the star".

After one night stay in Ishigakijima. We went to "Hateruma-Shima(Hateruma-island)" by airplane on the next morning. We landed in the Hateruma-island, and, we walked to the southwest while watching GPS. Then, we arrived at a certain cape. There was "Stone monument in the Japanese south end" . They say this island is the southernmost inhabited island in Japan. However, GPS showed 21km to the east-southeast. There is not confluence even in this island either. In the direction in the east, there is not an island either. We judged only a ship can take us to our goal. And, we walked for the village to look for a ship.

In this island, there are wild goats. Moreover, a lot of plants that can be used to extract sugar, we call "Satoukibi (Sugarcane)", have grown, too. Then, we discovered the word "Diving service". We negotiated to bring us to confluence, but, the sea rages on the day. No one tried to reach the sea.

We visited this island again after a few days. Unfortunately, the owner of "Diving service" was absent. We walked to the port on the island. Then, we had had a fateful encounter in the port. We were able to meet "Tamashiro-Captain" and the fishing boat "Yahoumaru". The captain who like fishing said "I'll take you to the confluence.Come on!!". We were so glad, and took the fishing boat, then left the island immediately.

Men's fights started. It is about 25km to our goal. The height of the wave is 2.5m. The ship shook widely. Of course, we felt sick. We approached the confluence near about 100m at last. However, here is the Pacific Ocean. The strong current moved our ship greatly. After revolving many times, we arrived at confluence finally.

The member that reached "N24゚00′00″E124゚00′00″" are Taiyo, Gen, Anzai, Kazuteru, Jyunichi, Mami-ya, Takasaki, Shitasyo. Thus, a new page was carved for "0 hunter legend".

Coordinator's Note: This confluence may have to be re-classified as secondary: The visitors did not see land from the confluence. This may, however, have been due to high waves and weather conditions.

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In the ocean, but with a view of land.