the Degree Confluence Project

Mexico : Tamaulipas

2.5 km (1.6 miles) NW of Buenavista, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Approx. altitude: 24 m (78 ft)
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Antipode: 26°S 82°E

Quality: good

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#2: View from confluence #3: GPS reading at confluence #4: Manuel, Enrique, Juan Antonio, JP, Jorge, Carlos & JP

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  26°N 98°W  

#1: Confluence in the middle of a corn field

(visited by Carlos Alvarez, Enrique Moscoso, Juan Antonio Ortega, Manuel García, Juan Pablo Martínez and Jorge Carreón)

21-Mar-2003 -- This confluence we had to go twice; the first time, the pictures we took weren´t clear, and the GPS reading couldn´t be seen properly.

But find it wasn´t an easy task: first, we took the Matamoros-Reynosa toll highway, and when the GPS read that the confluence was about 4km straight south, we look for a road heading south, which we found a few meters ahead, but since the highway is divided, we had to drive further to the nearest U-Turn. From there, we backed a pair of kilometers and took the road we had previously seen, and drove towards the confluence but we couldn´t reach it because we found a closed gate, that lead to an irrigation channel.

We drove back to the highway and move towards Matamoros, but in the way we decided to take another unpaved road towards the confluence, and see if this time we had a better luck. This time we didn´t found anything on our way but the irrigation channel, which has a good maintance road along. At this point we decided to drive along this road and hope to find a crossing point, since the confluence still was due south.

This road took us to the Nuevo Progeso highway, which does have a bridge to cross the channel. Driving from north to south along this way, we thought to get to the railroad tracks and from there make a right turn and get as closer as we could to the confluence, and walk the rest of the distance (which we had calculated to be 1km).

But when we were on our way to the tracks, saw that the GPS reading was straight west at a road that lead to a village called “Buenavista” and since the distance to the confluence wasn´t that far (3 km), we decided to give it a try.

As we drove thru the road, the distance to the confluence was becoming shorter and shorter (according to our Magellan 2000XL GPS), up to a point were the reading was 300m from the confluence.

We parked the Chevys in the middle of a corn field, and took a 300m walk to the confluence, right in the middle of a recently planted corn field.

This first visit we made it on March 10th, and I was with Juan Antonio, Enrique and Manuel, we took some pictures of the confluence and ourselves and headed back home. Later that day I realized that the pictures weren´t clear enough to read the coordinates of the confluence.

I had to wait two weeks until I had a chance to visit the confluence again, an this past March 21st, went again. But this time I was with Juan Pablo y Jorge, the same guys that visited with me the 25N 98W confluence two weeks ago.

Now we took the “free” highway between Matamoros and Reynosa, and at the Nuevo Progeso intersection we turned north, where we found the “Buenavista” road, and reached the confluence with no matter whatsoever.

This time, we made sure that the pictures were clear enough and videotaped the visit, and when we were done, headed back home.

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#1: Confluence in the middle of a corn field
#2: View from confluence
#3: GPS reading at confluence
#4: Manuel, Enrique, Juan Antonio, JP, Jorge, Carlos & JP
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