the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Texas

5.7 miles (9.1 km) ENE of New Summerfield, Cherokee, TX, USA
Approx. altitude: 100 m (328 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 32°S 85°E

Quality: good

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#2: Fallen trees, passing clouds #3: The family poses at the site #4: The computer screen reflecting Kord

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  32°N 95°W  

#1: Connor conquers his first confluences.

(visited by Kord Campbell, Brenda Campbell, Connor Campbell, Linda Holley and Dwight Holley)

12-Apr-1998 -- After having a huge Easter Egg hunting party for Connor at my parent's house, I decided to round the family up and head out toward the closest point. Much to my suprise, the point lay just off a major road that runs east out of Jacksonville. Couldn't be easier!

Everyone was chatting about how cool it was that looking for Confluence points makes an "instant" mission out of a lazy Sunday and I closely monitored our progress making some casual observations about the surrounding countryside based on the Tripmate map that was being displayed on my laptop. After having to shout "STOP, GO BACK!" to Dwight, we turned around to find the road that led a little closer to the point. Finding a dirt road that ran parallel to the main highway, we begain closing in on our little point. Much to my wife's delight, there were greenhouses lining this road, displaying their brightly colored wares for all to see. It was then I knew that our mission was in danger of being extended - as my wife loves flowers as much as she loves life itself.

Luckly, we struck a deal that we would first hit the point and then hit the greenhouses. It seemed like a bargain to me. As we came due north of the point, we realized that we might have to track through someone's back yard to get any closer. It was my wife that suggested we take a grass track she saw about 300 meters back which headed south-southwest of our current position. We once again turned around and began closing to our point using an old grass path that was barely identifible as a road. I soon found myself walking in front of the van, spoting for potholes or wet spots that might overcome our now off road vehicle.

Much to our suprise, the path expanded into a dry, flat grass field that was easily managed by the Caravan. We now lay 200-300 meters due west of the point and it was an easy walk over to it. The area looked as if someone was clearing the land - with trees pushed over and large watery sand holes lurking about. We took the laptop with us and used the moving map display to nail the confluence point right on the head. The picture of the family is taken directly on the spot that the Tripmate indicated was the point. This marks my fourth confluence point and I'm planning on visiting the two that are southwest and southeast of Oklahoma City in the next few weeks.

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#1: Connor conquers his first confluences.
#2: Fallen trees, passing clouds
#3: The family poses at the site
#4: The computer screen reflecting Kord
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