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Uzbekistan : Qashqadaryo

1.4 km (0.9 miles) E of Bay-Kurgan, Qashqadaryo, Uzbekistan
Approx. altitude: 858 m (2814 ft)
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Antipode: 39°S 113°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: North #3: East #4: West #5: GPS view #6: Group at point #7: Lunch #8: Amir Temur

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  39°N 67°E  

#1: General view - South

(visited by David Coombs)

17-Apr-2005 -- Another few weeks in Karshi and another weekend to kill. This point is 15 km from the town of Shakrisabz. On a warm Sunday morning I caught the minibus from Karshi. A journey of 90 km at a cost of 1 USD. After a stroll and a pot of tea/salad/bread and shashlik (50 US cents) I went to find a taxi driver who would understand the mission. I was lucky with Nabi and we were soon heading east through green countryside towards the snow covered mountains which mark the border with Tajikistan. Armed with GPS, map and satellite image of the area finding the spot was not difficult. A road led to within 100 metres and then we reached a wall. We were lucky that a guard let us in and after waiting for the owner to complete his prayers we were welcomed and together we visited the spot – in the middle of his farmyard. The farmer told us that his eldest son was keen on the internet and is learning English so he would read the entry and write to me. See how this project promotes international relations!

At the point I took a group photo of (from right to left) Nabi, Sala Xedin and 2 of his sons – Meron Shock and Shack Boz).

After taking the photos we were asked to join him for a cup of tea – which was of course a delicious lunch.

Returning to Shakrisabz, birthplace of Amir Temur aka Timerlane, I had a wander around the town then caught a taxi back to Karshi. An easy point and a pleasant day out.

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#1: General view - South
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