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Mongolia : Arhangay

4.1 km (2.5 miles) WSW of Aygatayn Dugang, Arhangay, Mongolia
Approx. altitude: 1727 m (5665 ft)
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Antipode: 49°S 79°W

Quality: good

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  49°N 101°E (secondary) 

#1: South

(visited by Artsmaa Gankhuyag)

15-Jul-2007 -- Tour group, which consisted of six members, left the city at 07:00am on July 09, 2007 with previously planned route. All the members were from Tergel Tech LLC and they were the winners of the competition that held earlier this year. Our main travel plan was to find N49-E101 point and we decided to find the point on the sixth day.

Morning was cloudy. We left Murun city around 09:00am to the Selenge. From there, we went through iron bridge and reached tsetserleg suman center of Arkhangai province around 14:00 hours. In tsetserleg suman center, we met someone we know and he guided us to the point. On the way, we faced strong rain and one of our cars sunk in mud. After trying four hours, more help came in and took out the car from the mud. Since there was much garbage in car’s motor area, we cleaned it about an hour and continued our trip.

After going 20 kilometers, we have reached a mountain lapel. Since the point seems to be in middle of trees, we walked from there. After walking 20 minutes, we found the point at 16:00 hours. We made small heap at the point and took pictures of all four directions as well as GPS for confirming the point. Then, we went down from the mountain.

Our group, which found N49-E101, consisted of workers of Tergel Tekh LLC including Gankhuyag, Narmandakh, Narankhuu, Bayarkhuu, Erdenetsetseg, Delgermaa and local people.

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