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Mongolia : Bulgan

11.0 km (6.8 miles) NNW of Tömöriin Dugang, Bulgan, Mongolia
Approx. altitude: 1420 m (4658 ft)
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Antipode: 50°S 77°W

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
Quality: good

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  50°N 103°E  

#1: East

(visited by Damiran G, Ochirsuren R, Luvsantudev Z, Enkh L, Lkhagvasuren U, Enkhtaivan G and Erdenechimeg M)

Mongolian Narrative

09-Jun-2011 -- The families of G.Damiran, R.Ochirsuren, Z.Luvsantudev, and M.Erdenechimeg left Ulaanbaatar City in order to locate the confluence point 50N 103E on the morning of 08 June 2011. We went through Darhan, Erdenet, Bulgan about 650 km from the capital city and reached Teshig Sum, where the point is located, at 22:00 hours and slept there.

In the early morning of 09 June 2011, we went to find the point with the local person Mr. Ochirsuren. We went about 40 km and reached a forest, so we had to walk. After walking 730 meters, we located the point 50N 103E with a Garmin V GPS and confirmed the point.

The 50N 103E point is located 690.7 km from Ulaanbaatar City, 40.7 km from Teshig Sum and in the middle of a forest at a place named Kharlangiin Goliin Ekh. The confluence point is at 1432 m above sea level and to the left side of Kharlan River.

Our traveling group consisted of G.Damiran, U.Lkhagvasuren, G.Enkhtaivan, G.Maral, G.Narangoo, R.Ochirsuren, M.Erdenechimeg, O.Egshiglen, Z.Luvsantudev, D.Sugar, L.Enkh, and Erdenekhuu.

Mongolian Narrative

09-зур-2011 -- У. Лхагвасүрэн, Г. Энхтайван, Г. Марал, Г. Нарангоо, Р. Очирсүрэн, М. Эрдэнэчимэг, О. Эгшиглэн, З. Лувсантүдэв, Д. Сугар, Л. Энх, Эрдэнэхүү нараа, Та нар 50N 103E цэг дээр очсон дэлхийн анхны хүмүүс болон бүртгэгдсэнд баяр хүргэж аз жаргал, амжилт бүтээл хүсэн ерөөе.

Г. Дамиран

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