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4.1 km (2.5 miles) ESE of Ấp Thi Tường, Cà Mau, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 2 m (6 ft)
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Antipode: 9°S 75°W

Accuracy: 7 m (22 ft)
Quality: good

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  9°N 105°E (visit #4)  

#1: General view

(visited by MeoHQ, Ilovewall, Hue_Bong, Quang Vinh, Trung India, cheerful, Toan cong cong, yeumaudo, nhimxukhotinh, dau_dau, Chitto, maytrangtc, Black_horse, Virgo318 and hoangtucodon2006)

02-Sep-2006 -- Leaving the 10N 104E confluence, we continued our trip by driving motors from Rach Gia to Ca mau province (152 kms). At night, we went along small roads, which are very specific characteristics of the South with an interlacing cannel and river systems.

The day after, we went straight to Nam Can, a small town is 52 kms out of Ca mau center. This location has a final point of highway 1A - the longest road of Vietnam. We arrived Nam Can at 10 am and rent a high-speed canoe for 15 people coming to the South Pole of our country. We run at speed about 70 to 80 kms per hour in shocked and attractive feeling. After reaching the South Pole, we had lunch at the farthest restaurant in the South of Vietnam. We again came back Nam Can at 2:30 pm in order to conquer 9N 105E.

The arrow in GPS handheld showed 1.6 kms and marked to turn to the left. It was perpendicular with the highway while we were at the place about 12 kms from Dam Cung ferry. We asked some locals how to get to the land that was soaking wet. We found a pathway to Loi Dong hamlet. The way was very narrow but not too difficult for us because it was made by precast concrete. The pathway was lay along the canal, both of sideline overgrown blue weeds. It was so peaceful and romantic landscape.

We came to a stop beside a waterway with 700 meters far from the confluence. A poetical rope bridge has located across the irrigation canal in a tinge status of sunset. With 2 GPS receivers, we rent 3 motor-boats, 6 people per one, starting looking the point adventurously.

At sunset time, the waterway was drifting, the sky was alight with violet colored, a cloud of smoke hung over some kitchen roofs to remind us of the homesickness. There were so many reservoirs, many shrimp ponds which was set in close. After 30 minutes to run around, we stepped ashore starting to walk on foot. 15 people traveled on rough trail, eliminating all the wild grasses, ignoring the snakes or fire-ant's nest. We walked so fast, then 88 meters, 87 meters and the sound coming from Chitto to encourage all of us forwardly.

When we were busy ourselves among the reservoirs, the shrimp lagoons and the trails around them, suddenly, a woman appeared in a dugout canoe. The plank boat is very small so we offered her to carry 3 people going to the point. Virgo318, Black_horse and dau_dau got down the rowboat while our friends shouted: Go on! Victors! Coming Zero! Because the night was falling, so we only got 7.38 meters far from the confluence 9N 105E but we almost reached it. And our team had a wonderful day.

We came back to motor-boats and returned to the place where we kept our motors. The moonlight overflowed everywhere. We were happy when we thought about the next confluence 10N 106E.

The exact address of the confluence 9N 105E is Kinh Tu hamlet, Hoa My commune, Cai Nuoc District, Ca Mau province.

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#1: General view
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#4: South view
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