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China : Shāndōng Shěng

near Lilou, Shāndōng, China
Approx. altitude: 28 m (91 ft)
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Antipode: 37°S 64°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: east view #3: south view #4: west view #5: north view #6: gps screen #7: Henshui City, we have lunch here #8: in front of the factory gate #9: visitor

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  37°N 116°E (visit #1)  

#1: cp is in center of three bushes

(visited by Lei Wang and Lei Zou)

English Narrative

04-Feb-2005 -- 成功抵达N38E116后,按计划到衡水市吃饭。为了省钱,我们没有走高速,而是走了省道,路况很好,车也不多。1:00p.m.到达衡水,在北方省份中这算是一个整洁的城市了,每个路口都有警察维持交通,这给我们找肯德基带来了很大的方便。在市中心最繁华的商业区,看在我们是外地人的份上,警察允许我们在一个禁行路口闯红灯去停车,让我们对这个城市的印象很好。

从衡水向南经过枣强县、大营镇、清河县,然后向东到达CP N37E116所在的夏津县。一路上都是采购年货的农民,只能慢慢开。由于地处两省交界处,所以收费站非常多,很不爽。山东的路也并不比河北好多少,并非传说中的到处都是双向八车道的超级公路。




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English Narrative

04-Feb-2005 -- Leave the first CP of our trip, we head to west instead of north, since our plan is to have dinner in Hengshui. We didn't drive in super highway, since the "province highway" parallel to it is quite good. Hengshui is a neat and clean city with police man in each crossroad, that help us quickly reach the KFC. As foreigner, a police give us special permission the drive through a forbidden crossing.

CP 37N 116E is in Shan Dong province, Xiajin Xian. The way to Xia Jin are full of peasants who are shopping for spring festival, we have to drive slowly. We head to south and pass through Zao Qiang Xian, Da Ying Zhen, Qing He Xian, turn east and finally arrived Xian Jin.

From the map, their is no need to enter the city, just drive in circle road to the north. We have no hesitate to find the right way, and suprised their is a big factory here, since the map told us their is nothing but farmland here. The CP hide in the greenbelt in front of the factory, we just walk 5 meters to reach it. We are very lucky, if the CP move 10 meters to north, we have to spend some time to persuade the factory guard let us in and take photos here.

The sunset time is about 17:30 these days and it's almost 16:00, not enought for next CP, so we decided to find a suitable place to live. At 17:20, we arrvied Wei Xian before dark, and get a single room in the best hotel of the city, 80RMB a night. Our dinner is beef and vegetable, noodle. We are surprised about the dish size, believe one dish is enough for all of us, it only spend us 26RMB, very cheap! But everything is too salty.

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#1: cp is in center of three bushes
#2: east view
#3: south view
#4: west view
#5: north view
#6: gps screen
#7: Henshui City, we have lunch here
#8: in front of the factory gate
#9: visitor
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