the Degree Confluence Project


2.3 km (1.4 miles) NE of Yakaören, Kastamonu, Turkey
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 42°S 146°W

Accuracy: 2.0 km (1.2 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: Fishermen at Abana #3: Looking down on the clouds that beat us #4: Clouds covering Abana & 42N 34E

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  42°N 34°E (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: A foggy marina at Abana

(visited by Nye Morgan and Mübeccel Orsel)

10-Apr-2005 -- As the winter weather seemed to be coming to an end and driving somewhat easier, we decided to venture north of Ankara to try and complete two points in the same weekend; 42N 34E and 42N 35E.

We set off at mid-day on Saturday and initially headed east and then north around Çankırı, past the Ilgaz National Park, through Kastamonu and eventually to the Black Sea town of Abana, this being the closest town to the confluence point. The drive to Abana was very pleasant with fine scenery and thankfully good weather - until we reached Abana.

The town was shrouded in fog and we soon realised that our chances of finding a fisherman willing to earn a few Lira taking us to the point were slim. We headed east along the coast road to the marina at 41° 58.771'N 34° 01.157'E where we found a small group of fishermen preparing their nets. However, as expected, they told us that the weather was too bad and there was no chance of them taking us to the point even though it was only about 2 km NW of the marina.

It was disappointing after a five hours' drive to be thwarted by fog, but luckily we still had the opportunity of capturing 42N 35E the following day. We recommend that any future Confluence hunters check the weather in this area before setting out on what might be a wasted journey.

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#1: A foggy marina at Abana
#2: Fishermen at Abana
#3: Looking down on the clouds that beat us
#4: Clouds covering Abana & 42N 34E
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About 1 km from shore with a good view of land