the Degree Confluence Project

Norway : Finnmark

39.9 km (24.8 miles) E of Kautokeino, Finnmark, Norway
Approx. altitude: 398 m (1305 ft)
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Antipode: 69°S 156°W

Accuracy: 20 m (65 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: view north #3: view south #4: view east #5: view west #6: the GPS instrument #7: view east (from ATV-track), towards the CP (800m away)

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  69°N 24°E  

#1: general area, CP close to the birch tree (view south)

(visited by Peter Scharfenberg)

06-Jul-2005 -- This confluence point (CP) is located ca. 40 km east of Kautokeino. The way: (i) 12 km on a secondary road to Avzze and then ca. 30 km to hike through a wild area. Alternatively (ii) one may follow road nr. 93 and then for 9 km road nr. 92 towards Karasjok until Lahpoluoppal is reached. Again a 30 km hike, but now to the south.

The decision between these two alternatives was made after evaluating the area by means of the 1:50000 map nr. 1933/III “Lahpoluoppal” which showed a very wet area with variations in height of ca. 200 m. Thus a hiker wants to find his way over a range of hills. These, according to the map, follow the north-south line. Hence, alternative (ii) was considered to be the best choice for the CP-project. Moreover, the map shows an electric power line and in parallel a track/footpath half the way from Lahpoluoppal to the CP.

It was 5.30 p. m., July 5th, when we started the tour in Lahpoluoppal. Very good weather seemed to support us. The second day, after a night near the lake Gahkkorjavri, we had one of the hottest days of the year and really missed having water bottles, while billions of insects tried to find out what we were doing in their dominion and how much they could earn for their right of way.

Then we met two drivers on their all terrain vehicles (ATVs). They had just brought some people to the river Karasjohka to spend a few days fishing. These drivers had their own track, still not shown on the actual map, which could lead us within 1-2 km of the desired CP. Thus we did not need to cross the river Nahpoljohka, but before reaching lake Nahpolsalva, where the power line ends (whereas the old track continues until it reaches the lakes Borggahatjavrrit) we had to follow the new track further to the south. This track crosses the river Goddejohka, then after 1 km the river Nahpoljohka. Soon (3km) after wading here, the next lake offers the best place for a tent.

Now it is ca. 8 km to the CP. Finally, ca. 1 km away from it (but already on N69) one has to leave the ATV-track and find your own way in the east direction through dense birch forests and over marshy ground. (cf. picture 7) Fortunately the CP was 20 m next to the water nearby (view south). Only the environment with all its insects, requiring dense clothes (despite the heat), made the photographer a little bit nervous at this place on July 6th, 8.00 p. m.

Unexpectedly, back on the trail, the ATVs had returned - no fish to be catched in the Karasjohka, due to the temperatures.

The way to this CP must be wonderful, either before the first mosquitos occur (but then the rivers may pose serious problems) or, preferably, in the autumn. By the way, from this CP it is only 40 km to the still unvisited CP N69/E25 - nearly the same distance as from the closest end point of a secondary road from Karasjok. Thus a hiking tour Lappoluoppal - CP N69/E24 - CP N69/E25 - Karasjok would be a real challenge!

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#1: general area, CP close to the birch tree (view south)
#2: view north
#3: view south
#4: view east
#5: view west
#6: the GPS instrument
#7: view east (from ATV-track), towards the CP (800m away)
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