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2.6 km (1.6 miles) NE of Hòa Mỹ, Bình Ðịnh, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 28 m (91 ft)
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Antipode: 14°S 71°W

Quality: good

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  14°N 109°E (visit #2) (incomplete) 

#1: South view

(visited by Hoankiem, Thanh Tung, Grandfather of Tivi and Chu Dan)

22-Sep-2006 -- After reaching the point of 14N 108E, we left Pleiku and continued go along Truong Son road toward Ban Me Thuot, Da Lat (a tourism highland city) and from there to Saigon (the biggest city in Vietnam). Our trip was fairly smooth except one time where we were near Phong Nha cave, our car battery was broken and another time where we were on the way to Pleiku, our car tire was attacked by a sharpen nail. The Independent palace where 30 years ago saw a declaration of the end of the Vietnam War is the furthest point in our trip.

After one night staying over here, we came back to Hanoi along the 1A highway and some coastal roads. At 5pm on a Thursday in September 2006, we passed Quy Nhon and remembered that we were very near the point of 14N 109E. As it was late afternoon, it was hard to reach the point. But we still decided to try. After passing through Phu Cat airport, reaching Ngo May town which is 27 km far from Quy Nhon, we chose the main road to pass through this town. Going for several kilometters more where we were nearly 7 kilometers far from the point, there was an asphalted road toward and the direction of this road make a corner of 45 degrees with the direct way to the point. We turned to this way but could only go further for 2km on asphalted road, from now on there was only an white sand track, we still went on this track though it was very hard for us to follow the direction of GPS. When we were 1 km far from the point, we saw a road made in red stones. We went more until we were 64m far from the point, we decided to walk and had to pass a narrow stream, 2 fields and came into a village. We went on the village road and reached the point near a small lane. At that time it was quietly dark and it was so difficult for us to take photos of landscape around us. There was only a reflected light color from white sand. However, we defined the point very fast. On the way coming back, in the dark, we had to pass through the field again and lost in a garden of a family here. They showed us the way to go back to the red stone way. It was so pleasant that we saw our car being several meters far away from us. We went on our car and came back to the main highway to go home.

This is an over-expected journey, with Truong Son road surrounding many mountain and forest areas, and with roads along the white sand sea. How beautiful Vietnam is!

Coordinator's Note: This visit is classified incomplete due to the poor quality of the pictures (too dark and unfocused)

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