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Mongolia : Hovd

12.8 km (7.9 miles) NW of Tsenher, Hovd, Mongolia
Approx. altitude: 3063 m (10049 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 88°W

Quality: good

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  47°N 92°E  

#1: North

(visited by Artsmaa Gankhuyag)

28-Jun-2006 -- Day 8 of our trip. Today we plan to leave Bulgan soum of Khovd aimag and reach Khovd town. Since the position of N47 E92 was located on the territory of Munkhkhairkhan soum en route we made it our goal to reach that point. Not long after we left Bulgan soum in the morning we started climbing up the famous ravine of Uench. As we kept going up the river that ran through this ravine, we finally came up onto the legendary Ikh Ulaan Davaa (mountain pass) of Mongolia. After we have rested for a while on the mountain pass, we started descending the same ravine on our way to Munkhkhairkhan soum through the inter-soum road. A mountain river ran through this ravine, as if it was checking out ability of our vehicle. As we were traveling down the ravine, out there on the horizon we could see the snow-covered Mountain Munkhkhairkhan. As we have left the ravine behind us and were approaching towards the soum, we came upon a large ancient cemetery with numerous human monuments. We guessed it must be a memorial ground dedicated to the history of our ancestors. This was land of the Uriankhai. We have continued on our way and had come on a very bumpy and rocky road through which we had traveled approximately 20 km and finally reached our point located N47 E92. We took a commemorative photograph at the location after securing the tag with necessary information and started on our way to Khovd town. This position was the highest point of all the locations we have identified on our trip. Height 3076 km. Our travel team consisted of the honored artist of Mongolia Mr.Damchaa, Gankhuyag, Oyunbold, Erka, Tur and Dashkaa.

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