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2.6 km (1.6 miles) NW of Tha Luang, Lop Buri, Thailand
Approx. altitude: 48 m (157 ft)
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Antipode: 15°S 79°W

Quality: good

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#2: The small house 30 m from CP. #3: south #4: east #5: west #6: Chakrit Ratanapibul at CP. #7: Pasak Cholasidth Dam #8: Railway crossing water reservoir from Bangkok to Nong Khai

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  15°N 101°E (visit #2)  

#1: north

(visited by Chakrit Ratanapibul)

14-Mar-2009 -- The parallel line and vertical line meet together on a map via a GPS. We can stand on that point correctly. But the interesting thing is that when we travel we encounter some obstacles, get experience in geography and sometime also culture of people there.

I live in Bangkok Thailand but have the home at Saraburi province north from Bangkok 100 km. Checked the point N 15.00000 E101.00000 in a map , found that not far from my home.

I decided to seek this point even I know that there was Farang (western people in Thai language) had been there few years ago. Check on a map found the location is near Pattananicom district in Lopburi province. The CP itself is in Koksalung sub-district not far from Pasak dam.

9 AM. 14 Mar.2009 I started up the engine of Mazda pick up (small truck) head to the CP by using the NO.1 road (Phaholyothin road) passing the center of Saraburi town then crossing the Pasak river. 15 km on this 4 lanes see Pukae Botanical Garden where thousands species of tropical plants occupied total area. Turn left to Lopburi but go straight to Phechaboon province, I went straight(road NO.21). Thirty minutes from here the way to Koksalung sub-district( street sign ) appear, so I drove straight then u-turn go straight ahead about 2 km then turn left.

I checked the distance and direction from GPS which display north-east and 7 km far. Along the 2 lanes asphalt road 7 km the arrow pointer showed 2 km far north. I found the dirt road when turn left toward the road 2 km. I parked my car here then walked by GPS navigation. The display showed 700 metre to the north.

The land surrounded me are rice pad but this time is summer in the area then no water but only grass which provided food for buffaloes. The sky now were filled with thick cloud and air blew a bit cool due to the summer storm came soon (forecast by meteorological department) only 100 metre to approach the CP. The small house with wavy galvanized metal roof stood at the front of the CP. With no fence round the house. I called out to the owner but no response. I feared for dogs but no sound of them only a group of hens and their kids. To ensured no dangerous things around the house and impossible to receive permission from the owner, I circular walked around the house not so long time that the CP waypoint on GPS display "arrive destination".

I continued to walk to get the number follow N15 , E101 all be zero. My heart beat with excitement. Then it was success and the display showed N15 00 00.0 and E101 00 00.0. Took photograph of GPS then 4 directions and some pictures of Pasak Dam and railway crossing water reservoir(the rout start from Bangkok to Nong Khai station daily) then came back home happily.

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#1: north
#2: The small house 30 m from CP.
#3: south
#4: east
#5: west
#6: Chakrit Ratanapibul at CP.
#7: Pasak Cholasidth Dam
#8: Railway crossing water reservoir from Bangkok to Nong Khai
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