the Degree Confluence Project


near Norsborg, Södermanland, Sweden
Approx. altitude: 42 m (137 ft)
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Antipode: 59°S 163°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  59°N 17°E (visit #3) (secondary) 

#1: South

(visited by Wolfgang Vogel and Silke Heilig)

27-Feb-2010 -- Heading north for a 3 week vacation up into the north of Sweden and down south via Norway back to Hamburg, we pack our car with sleeping bags, clothes for cold days on dog sledges and Nordic skis for a one week tour along the "Peer Gynt" trail. Traveling this way gives us the opportunity to stop by a confluence and intensely feel being out in the country while on holiday. We had a good chance to go by car right to the confluence but a few kilometers before arrival we had to take a difficult decision.

We are in "timber land", a lot of forests in Sweden are used for harvesting wood, and this timber pathway heading towards the confluence was closed by a barrier - but not locked... We thought for a second and then decided to give it a try since it was Saturday afternoon and no one should be working that late in the weekend. The pathway ended in a turning area just beside the confluence, what luck we had. As often in woods the reception was not that good so we ended up close to it, churning up a lot of snow to spot it. Our way back was without any further problems, no one had used the lock which hung up at the barrier the whole time.

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