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7.3 km (4.5 miles) SE of Qazımammad, Azerbaijan
Approx. altitude: 149 m (488 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 131°W

Accuracy: 350 m (382 yd)
Quality: good

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#2: Confluence Hunter #3: Starting Point of the Hike: Sirvan #4: Monument of Heydar Aliyev - former President of Azerbaijan #5: Impressions of Baku

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  40°N 49°E (visit #3) (incomplete) 

#1: Landscape near the Confluence Point

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elionora)

27-Apr-2011 -- Normally we visit at least one confluence point while on travel. That our goal was not achieved this time due to some unlucky circumstances.

After spending a week hiking in the Caucasian Mountains, we decided to visit this confluence on our way to the capital city Baku, which was our last destination before flying back to central Europe. Since we were travelling with public transportation, we took a bus to the town Şirvan (7 km from the confluence point) and spent the night there.

Unfortunately, it rained the whole night through – although this area is generally extremely dry (almost desert). In the morning the town was flooded and our original plan of hiking directly to the confluence point turned into a mud-walk. After we left the outskirts of the town, the grasslands were soaked with water and since the terrain was hilly, we slid down the ripple-shaped hills.

At a remaining beeline distance of 1.5 km, Elionora gave up. We agreed that she would wait in this location and I would do my best to run to the confluence and back within 1 hour. So I continued without luggage running (or sliding) up and down theses hills. But when I had climbed the last hill before reaching the confluence point, two large German Shepherd dogs had seen me. They quickly ran towards me in order to defend the flock of sheep that was grazing directly on the confluence point.

My sudden scare let me quickly return and run down the mountain in order to get out of their field of view. I ran quite a while until I stopped in order to balance reasons for another attempt. But I am really scared of dogs and had already used all my adrenalin in the first attempt. Last but not least I didn’t want to delay my return to Elionora who was waiting for me in a place where shepherd dogs were also likely to appear.

We hiked back to civilization – this time without an accomplished goal. In the evening we reached the bizarre City of Baku where we stayed the last 3 days of our trip.

CP visit details:

  • Minimum beeline distance from CP: 350 m
  • Walking time to the CP (including return): 5 hours
  • Time at the CP: 11:30 am
  • Vegetation: grassland
  • Distance to a road: 1 km
  • Distance to houses: 1 km
  • Topography: wave-shaped mountains.
  • Weather: cloudy, windy, light rain, 12° C (felt temperature)
  • Description of the CP: In Western Azerbaijan, in the economic region Aran, rayon Şirvan. Just 85 km from the capital City Baku.
  • Given Name: The Scary Shepherd Dog Confluence

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#1: Landscape near the Confluence Point
#2: Confluence Hunter
#3: Starting Point of the Hike: Sirvan
#4: Monument of Heydar Aliyev - former President of Azerbaijan
#5: Impressions of Baku
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