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1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of Chminianske Jakubovany, Prešovský, Slovakia
Approx. altitude: 539 m (1768 ft)
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Antipode: 49°S 159°W

Accuracy: 50 m (164 ft)
Quality: good

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  49°N 21°E (visit #4)  

#1: View north across the gorge

(visited by Florian Schindler)

03-Sep-2011 -- After I visited 49°N 020°E I drove further to the east. Left the main road in Chminany and continued on secondary roads towards Chminianske Jakubovany. On the way I also passed the "Favelas" of the local Roma people. In fact the huts were made of card board, corrugated metal and naked children were playing on the road. Really unbelievable! I feared that the people were hostile, but later during my hike I met groups of teenagers and all greeted me with a friendly "dobrý" (short form of dobrý den – good day).

Like Mr. Czombik I parked my car on the parking lot of a public building. Wanted to ask for permission, but all doors were closed.

By foot I followed an agricultural way and later a path on a meadow. I knew that I needed to cross a creek, but there was dense vegetation and a steep slope. Went forward and backward to search a possibility for a more moderate way to descend and to cross the creek. I was really astonished that this visit became so difficult; Mr. Czombik did not report any difficulties on path finding during his visit.

I finally found a small track down the steep slope to the creek. I jumped over the creek and struggled up the steep slope. I ended on the plateau where the power line crosses the valley. I followed the GPS pointer through the bush until I hit a way. After a couple of metres walking on the way the Confluence Point was perpendicular. Again through the not so dense bush I could narrow down the distance to 50 metres until a steep slope of a gorge prevented a closer approach. I also tried to check if the way would turn into the right direction but soon the way was overgrown.

Not in the mood to climb again I called it a day and was satisfied with 50 meters distance to the point.

The way back I followed the way, which forded the creek and I found both junctions I should have taken (from town): take the right branch at 48°59.84'N,021°00.06'E (caution: do not walk on the meadow, a couple of metres before) and also keep right at 48°59.79'N,021°00.12'E.

My round-trip time was one and a half hour, including all futile attempts. Contrary to Mr. Czombik's visit I did not fear that my car will be damaged or stolen, but I had more difficulties to reach the point than him.

I continued my journey towards 49°N 022°E, passed the Roma dwellings again and wondered for a long time if the Slovakian social security is so bad or if this is the freely chosen lifestyle of the Roma people.

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