the Degree Confluence Project

West Bank

2.4 km (1.5 miles) NW of Qibyā, West Bank
Approx. altitude: 207 m (679 ft)
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Antipode: 32°S 145°W

Accuracy: 2.0 km (1.2 mi)
Quality: good

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  32°N 35°E (visit #3) (incomplete) 


(visited by Jonathan Devor)

23-Jun-2011 -- Attempt - failed! This area is an active military training zone ("Shtach Esh"). Civilian entrance is currently prohibited.

Note that this is not a political opinion. There are many places beyond the "Green Line" that I would feel quite safe visiting. However, this particular area is designated as 'military personnel only', with multiple warning signs along the road.

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A new evaluation of the geographical location of this Confluence (which was formerly indexed among the Confluences in Israel) has been carried out. With respect to very detailed maps of the area in question, as well as coordinate data describing the exact course of the demarcation line between Israel and the West Bank (the so called "Green Line"), the confluence point 32N 35E is most likely located about 136 m east (!) of the demarcation line (here running in nearly exact N-S direction), consequently the point had to be re-indexed within the West Bank territory.

However, this indexing may become revised whenever newer or better data will become available, or political negotiations will happen. The Degree Confluence Project being absolutely un-political, thereby does not intend to anticipate any authoritative boundary definitions. Therefore, this indexing has to be seen solely as a representation of the actually available boundary data.

Considering the local political situation, the DCP strongly advises not to approach this confluence point from either side without permits from the local military and administrative authorities! Any activities in this zone may be perilous!
(GK 230305)