the Degree Confluence Project

China : Liáoníng Shěng

4.0 km (2.5 miles) SSE of Tangjiafang, Liáoníng, China
Approx. altitude: 89 m (291 ft)
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Antipode: 41°S 57°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: 从汇交点向西和向东看 / West & East View #3: 从汇交点向南看 / South View #4: GPS 显示 / GPS show #5: 进行厂区的杂草掩映的小道 /Into the plant, weed-shaded trail #6: 果木小道 / Fruit trees trail #7: 废弃的厂区 / Abandoned factory

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  41°N 123°E (visit #1)  

#1: 汇交点 / General Point

(visited by Wang Jun)

English Narrative

02-Oct-2012 -- 这次利用国庆长假特别安排了一趟东北寻点游。因为这次是我独自带着我新买的折叠车来完成4+2的旅行,即四轮加两轮的旅行。夜晚赶路基本都订好了火车卧铺,选的点也都是比较靠近大城市或道路旁的,这样便于我火车到达后借用其它交通工具,尽快接近这些点,最后抵达就用我的折叠自行车完成。

通过这次七天寻点的检验,说明了我最初的设想是完全可行的。在这七天里我完成五个点的寻找,成功完成了三个点:41°N123°E、40°N 124°E43°N 126°E,未完成两个点:42°N 127°E42°N 128°E,就让我把寻点的经历给你一一道来



回到李氏房,它恰是回城公交车的一个起始点,交了10元双份票钱即坐公交进城,充分体现了折叠车便携的优点。下午骑车在鞍钢厂区转了一圈,加深了对钢都的影响。晚上坐火车奔丹东去继续寻访 40°N 124°E

English Narrative

02-Oct-2012 -- During the National Day holiday, I arranged a trip to the northeast Liáoníng and Jílín Provinces to find the point. Because this time I was alone with my new folding bike to complete the 4+2 trip, that is four wheel plus two wheel trip. I booked a sleeper train for each night, and selected CP are also relatively close to the big cities or the sides of the roads, it is easy to use other transport close to these points as soon as possible, finally arrived the CP by my folding bike: finished.

I finished five points in seven days hunting, successful completion of the three points: 41°N 123°E, 40°N 124°E and 43°N 126°E, incomplete two points: 42°N 127°E and 42°N 128°E, let me tell you my experience of hunting the CP trip.

Ānshān is the first stop of this trip, Storage loading bags and other items at the station after the morning more than seven sleeper train from Běijīng arrived in Ānshān, cycling all the way south to go straight to the town of Tānggǎngzi(汤岗子), asking passers which way go to Lǐshìfáng(李氏房). Around ten o'clock, arriving at Lǐshìfáng(李氏房). GPS shows less than three kilometers to the CP. The closer a CP, the more difficult to determine which road to use to get close.

When the GPS indicates 1 km to the CP, I change direction and turn into a path at the side of the road, a dirt road. The hills on both sides of the road are full of fruit trees; still more than three hundred meters from the CP; the confluence is located in an open area of ​​an abandoned factory. I try to get close to the CP 80 meters on the inside; I find a trail nestled in the weeds to enter the factory; park my bike on the roadside, enter the plant; the area of ​​the factory was empty, covered with weeds.

Back to Lǐshìfáng(李氏房), its just a city bus terminus, pay the 10 yuan for the ticket to take a bus into the city. Ānshān is a steel city, afternoon cycling around the steel factory. Night by sleeper train rush to the Dāndōng to continue hunting 40°N 124°E.

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#1: 汇交点 / General Point
#2: 从汇交点向西和向东看 / West & East View
#3: 从汇交点向南看 / South View
#4: GPS 显示 / GPS show
#5: 进行厂区的杂草掩映的小道 /Into the plant, weed-shaded trail
#6: 果木小道 / Fruit trees trail
#7: 废弃的厂区 / Abandoned factory
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