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New Zealand : South Island

4.6 km (2.9 miles) SE of Motunau, Canterbury, S. Island, NZ
Approx. altitude: 102 m (334 ft)
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Antipode: 43°N 7°W

Quality: good

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#2: Ben with view #3: You idiot, it's over here! #4: 3x GPS handsets (ooops - out of focus)

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  43°S 173°E (visit #1)  

#1: Morris and Richard with view

(visited by Morris Johns, Ben Greet and Richard Johns)

06-Feb-2001 -- This is the probably the most accessable confluence point from Christchurch - about an hour's drive North out of Christchurch (Stop off at the wineries on the way back!)

Spoken with plum in mouth: We had a lovely day, not too much sun (a little rain, but nothing too sopping), and then a lovely picnic at the beach, watercress and cucumber sandwiches ;-)

To get there: Drive towards Kaikoura, the turnoff is about 20km past Amberly - the sign says 'Motanau beach' (Motanau beach appears to have no sand - shells and rocks only!). On the main road if you drive through Motunau itself, or reach Cheviot you have gone too far. Swing a right, and keep driving until you cross over Heathfield Road. This is a good place to park, otherwise park on the right after the little bridge that you cross.

Like most places in NZ, you will need to ask for permission before crossing the farmer's land. The owner of the land is Rob McKenzie, a very easy-going farmer (but I wouldn't want to piss him off!). His place is on the right another couple of kms from Heathfield Road.

The actual confluence is half a km off the road.

Happy hunting!

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#1: Morris and Richard with view
#2: Ben with view
#3: You idiot, it's over here!
#4: 3x GPS handsets (ooops - out of focus)
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