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7.6 km (4.7 miles) NNE of Motjärnshyttan, Värmland, Sweden
Approx. altitude: 318 m (1043 ft)
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Antipode: 60°S 166°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  60°N 14°E (visit #4) (secondary) 

#1: Overview

(visited by Karl Bryk)

03-Aug-2015 -- This is the first in a sequence of 3 visits made while on holiday in Sweden, in Hjelleskata, south of Säffle, near Vänern lake.

The next is N60 E13.

I had the idea of visiting a few CPs during my Sweden holiday this year. I even researched possibilities in the vicinity of Säffle and printed out previous visits, marked the points on a map and programmed them into my car sat-nav.

Unusually well prepared I set off around 8:15 in the morning with N60 E14 in my sights. The sat-nav was providing instructions and suggested a time of 3.5 hours to the CP. After about 15 km into the trip the sat-nav sent me off to a place called Hög, south of Säffle, obviously a short cut. This quickly turned from asphalt to dirt track. But this was not a problem - I had a big Swedish car that would surely handle all I could throw at it. But sadly not what the swedish road maintenance crews could throw in our path - a massive trench across the road. While the digger was busy doing its work I asked a member of the road crew, a lorry driver standing nearby, how long it would take - his reply 30 minutes. I decided to drive back and find a different route but as I walked away he called me back and said 10 minutes. The digger proceded to fill the part of the trench in the middle of the road which allowed us 10 minutes later to drive over the trench.

The rest of the trip, via Karlstad and Filipstad was slow but uneventful. Around 5km from the CP I turned off the route 246 towards the CP. There was immediately a 'Badplats', a lake with a picnic area which looked perfect for breakfast. After breakfast and a short walk on the pier by the lake I drove to the CP on a dirt road, arriving at noon. I parked the car at a junction nearby; it was not possible to park at the closest point to the CP because no other car could then pass - it was not likely there would be a car before I got back but did not want to take the risk of blocking any traffic.

The distance from the car to the CP was 223 metres. I walked along the track until the closest point to the CP (104 metres) and headed into the woods. A short while later I was at the CP, next to a large pile of trees. I wonder if someone piled these up at the CP or whether it was just coincidence.

I took the usual photos and headed back to the car, returning at 12:25. So a short and easy CP. My next destination was N60 E13.

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