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Peru : Piura

6.5 km (4.0 miles) E of Colán, Piura, Peru
Approx. altitude: 89 m (291 ft)
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Antipode: 5°N 99°E

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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  5°S 81°W  

#1: Confluence general area

(visited by Anthony Peurrung)

07-Apr-2016 -- My son and I visited this confluence point on a driving trip to northern Peru. We found Peru to be exceptional for the beauty of its scenery and the friendliness of its people. The visit day began in the city of Chiclayo where we were visiting various sites of archeological interest. The drive from there to the city nearest the CP, Piura, is a rare-for-Peru drive because it is flat, straight, and fast. The weather clearly gets hotter the further north you go in Peru, so by Piura the afternoons are in the low 30s Celsius, which was a challenge for our winter-adjusted bodies. Also as you go north in Peru the dryness of the costal desert starts to moderate. By Piura there is starting to be substantial ground plant life, although still nothing to hinder walking.

Reaching the CP required us to drive roughly an hour to the northwest from Piura. This confluence is quite near the coast and is only a few miles from a small beach town. There is considerable heavy industry in this area and in general it seemed relatively prosperous. There is much highway and interchange construction underway in this local area. The final approach to the confluence point involved a drive of only about 4 km from the main highway along the coast. This was one of the more reasonable side roads we encountered in Peru and was no challenge for our rented Toyota Yaris. (Wish I could say that of other roads we attempted.) We did get some remarkable looks from the half dozen people we passed along this road. I assume they believed we were quite lost. Up to the final kilometer there was some sort of industrial activity going on that involved piles of some organic material that was being loaded and unloaded from heavy trucks. We could not fathom was that activity was about. We had to walk the final 0.5 km across open terrain. All in all this was one of the easiest confluence points I have ever reached.

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