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United States : Texas

3.6 miles (5.8 km) ESE of Rockport, Aransas, TX, USA
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 28°S 83°E

Quality: good

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#2: Drifting GPS #3: East

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  28°N 97°W (visit #1)  

#1: West

(visited by Grant Douglass)

12-Mar-2001 -- A beautiful sunset over Aransas Bay beckoned me to find this confluence. Aransas Bay and this confluence happens to be in my back yard, literally. I have been waiting for some good weather to attempt this one - and it finally came. About a day and a half after a moderate cold front the weather cleared up and the bay "slicked off" (to use the local parlance). The intersection lies right in the middle of beautiful Aransas Bay - completely surrounded by water! But alas, I put my trusty boat to task.

Amidst the lingering Redhead ducks and curious Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, I attempted several passes to nail the zeros. Despite the slight breeze, moderate outgoing tide, and a waning sun, I was able to get .003N and .999W. Given the conditions, I feel I was about as accurate as one can get. The photos are of the GPS, looking west and east. After viewing the cardinal point photos, I deemed it futile to post anymore - there is simply nothing to look at but water. Go figure. Enjoyed it and looking foward to the next.

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#1: West
#2: Drifting GPS
#3: East
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In Aransas Bay, about 1.35 mi from the shore of San José Island.