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4.2 km (2.6 miles) WNW of Nidfurn, Glarus, Switzerland
Approx. altitude: 2792 m (9159 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 171°W

Accuracy: 40 m (131 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: The point! #3: View of the GPS receiver #4: Yeah! We were there! #5: Morning impressions on the glacier #6: Neighboring peak of Vrenelisgärtli #7: So folks, here we go: it was really nice up there!!!

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  47°N 9°E (visit #1)  

#1: A panoramic view from the confluence point

(visited by Oliver Fuhrer, Dani Leuenberger, Andreas Fuhrer and Reto Stöckli)

25-Jun-2001 -- Our trip to the Glärnisch.

The confluence 47N 9E is located in the middle of the "Glarner" Alps at 9561 ft.a.s.l (2915 m). Being the highest point in the surroundings, it offers a fabulous view over a large part of Switzerland and the northern Alpine ridge. It can be accessed from the city of Glarus following the Klöntal valley towards Vorauen.

Ascending from the Rossmatter Tal up to the Glärnisch hut of the Swiss Alpine Club and then crossing the Glärnischfirn Glacier, proceeding a steep slope up to the southeastern ridge between Bächistock and Vrenelisgärtli.

Our original intention was to visit this point in early spring 2001. This turned out to be absolutely impossible due to the loads of snow and ice that were around during this period of the year (and after locals had shattered down all of our hope by saying that this would almost certainly be a suicidal trip under those conditions).

But finally, the more favourable conditions and the personal schedules set the date for the confluence expedition from the 24 and 25 June 2001. We (Andreas, Bruno, Dani, Oliver, and Reto) started out the trip being surprised that everyone made it for the train from Zürich to Glarus. Our first day we hiked up to the Glärnisch hut on a very sunny day. After these easy first 1100m of ascent we weren't tired at all and after a tasty cup of coffee and a spoon of fresh cake we set off for climbing in the nearby boulders (see "geile move" in the picture section).

As the night set time passed quickly during our typical Swiss "Jass" game accompanied by "Munggebisu" (favorite local Heidi-drink with loads of undefined alcoholic ingredients and whipped cream on top) and we got to sleep until midnight. Three hours later we set off in the dark with headlamps searching for the steep path to the glacier. In the first daylight we then crossed the glacier and made it to the ridge (Schwandegrat – 2881 m) just in time for the absolutely spectacular sunrise. Because we were not tired at all we made a detour to Vrenelisgärtli (2904 m), crossing a very narrow ridge with cornices of at least 20 m's height - securing ourselves with a rope (this was so crazy, guys). Still the confluence point in mind, we descended again to the glacier and crossed it to the southern end. From there we used the snowshoes climbing another 300 m's of a steep icy slope leading to the approximate surroundings of the confluence point. The final closing in on the point was done using Dani's Garmin GPS. The 47N 9E is located directly on top of the ridge at 2915 m, giving us an exceptionally beautiful panorama.

Having lunch there on this so beautiful cloudless day was simply fantastic for all of us. Around noon we started our fun descent - running and jumping back down like yetis. To be honest, after 2400 m of descent and a swim in the freezing meltwater lake of Klöntal, we were all really tired and slept like babies on the train ride back to Zürich.

Wow, it was sooooo great (more photographs)!

Many thanks to Scheva for her kind help with scanning the pictures! And of course, a big hello to the god of all weathers and climate.

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#1: A panoramic view from the confluence point
#2: The point!
#3: View of the GPS receiver
#4: Yeah! We were there!
#5: Morning impressions on the glacier
#6: Neighboring peak of Vrenelisgärtli
#7: So folks, here we go: it was really nice up there!!!
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This is the second highest Confluence in Europe (extending unto the Ural Mountains, von Strahlenberg definition) (Source: SRTM 90m digital elevation data).