the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Arizona

3.3 miles (5.3 km) SW of Fort Thomas, Graham, AZ, USA
Approx. altitude: 883 m (2896 ft)
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Antipode: 33°S 70°E

Quality: good

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#2: The "owners" of this confluence #3: Looking west from the confluence #4: GPS screen

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  33°N 110°W (visit #2)  

#1: Looking north from confluence

(visited by Rodger Stamm and Jim Stamm)

26-Jan-2000 -- Rodger and Jim Stamm visited 33/110 on Jan. 26, 2000. We followed your directions to the end of the road. There was no canal, and the last road should be labeled 4-wheel drive (although we made it in a 2-wheel van with only one bad "bump."

The plan was to walk 643 meters from the end of the road, at a bearing of 167.5 degrees (adjusted for mag. dec. of 11.5 degrees E) to the bend in the stream bed SW of the confluence, starting the pace-count over at the low spur near the halfway point. Then we would relocate at the point of the bend, and go 124 meters at 61 degrees to the confluence. If the map was correct, I was confident that we would be within 10 meters of the actual point. Well, the map wasn't correct. We were over 100 meters short of the indicated stream bed when we crossed the only natural drainage in the area. Beyond that was a 40 acre flat pasture with a large herd of horses. We continued out into the pasture and found a very low depression where water would drain in the direction indicated on the map, but with no bend. Not being positive where we should relocate, we decided to use the GPS (set at WGS84 datum). The reading sent us right to the area where we would have ended up had the "plowed" drainage been the indicated stream bed, and we had been close to the bend.

We walked around in circles trying to get a "zero" reading. When we hit 0.00 km, we switched to the lat/long screen, and moved around a little until we saw 33.00000/110.00000 simultaneously. This happened twice, but not after we got the camera ready. Pictures #4 and #6 show views to the north and west respectively. Picture #7 shows the GPS screen with 33.00002/110.00003, the camera being reflected from the GPS screen.

Picture #5 shows a telephoto (10x) of some of the horses. While we were in their pasture, the entire herd of horses (they "own" the confluence at 33/110) came trotting toward us. They kept coming, and were close enough to see that we weren't their handlers, and didn't have any food for them. At one point, since they were not slowing down, I looked back of me for an escape route. Some low bushes were all that I could see to protect us from the developing enraged stampede of several dozen horses. We took a couple of steps toward their leader, and he turned, breaking into a run. Only two of the herd kept watching us, but they soon followed the rest at a full run to the far end of the pasture, raising a huge cloud of dust. Rodger got some closeups of that encounter with his SLR, and will send one to you after it is developed and scanned.

Have you ever seen two guys with a GPS receiver running around trying to follow/catch up with SA? Maybe that's what brought the horses to investigate.

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#1: Looking north from confluence
#2: The "owners" of this confluence
#3: Looking west from the confluence
#4: GPS screen
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At Fort Thomas, turn right onto Black Rock Rd. Immediately cross the Southern Pacific railroad tracks, and the Fort Thomas Canal. Go 1.6 miles on this road, cross Browns Circle and immediately come to Sanders Road/Hog Holler Road. At this point you have a choice:

Approach 1: Continue 0.87 miles on Black Road Rd., crossing over Fine Wash. Take a left onto an unnamed road, and cross over Fine Wash again. Go 0.93 miles to the end of this road. The confluence is located 2000 feet south-southeast of this point. (True bearings. Adjust for a magnetic compass).

Approach 2: Turn left onto Sanders Road/Hog Holler Road and go 0.87 miles to the end. Walk 900 feet due south to Black Rock Wash. Walk 2400 feet up the wash (southwest), and then walk 3700 feet due west to the confluence.

Depending on the terrain, it could be very difficult to maintain an accurate position with this one because of the lack of mapped landmarks.