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3.5 km (2.2 miles) WNW of Umasjö, Västerbotten, Sweden
Approx. altitude: 724 m (2375 ft)
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Antipode: 66°S 165°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  66°N 15°E (visit #1) (secondary) 

#1: View north over lake Överuman

(visited by Henrik Sunden)

24-Aug-2002 -- On the way to Hemavan for a short mountain tour to Viterskalsstugan, I had a chance to visit 66Nx15E, if I brought a kayak to cross lake Överuman. I drove first to the scattered settlement Umasjö, and asked for permission to put the kayak in the lake at an Iceland pony farm. The nice girl who was taking care of the horses advised me to go 2-3 km further along the E12 highway where there is easy access to the lake. I did so and started paddling from a point about 4.5 km from the confluence at 15:10. I reached the shore in a little bay south of Smailaudden, 1.16 km from the confluence.

The weather was extremely warm and nice, usually the autumn rains and storms have started at this time of the year, but now it was only a weak easterly wind and 22 C. I walked across a bog, ascended the birch-forested hillside and reached the confluence point at 16:30. The point is at 748 m elevation, in a rocky mountain slope with large boulders, just above the tree limit. The GPS said the exact point would be on a small shelf on one of the biggest boulders (4 m high).

I went there and took a series of pictures, the one to the west just showing the side of the boulder. I also climbed the boulder to have a view to the west. I went back the same way and got back to the car at 18:00. Then I drove to Hemavan, and at 19:20 I started the 11 km walk (400 m uphill) to Viterskalsstugan, to see my friends Bertil and Ingrid. When I arrived there at 22:15 it was almost dark.

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