the Degree Confluence Project

United States : California

10.4 miles (16.7 km) SW of Inverness, Marin, CA, USA
Approx. altitude: 102 m (334 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 57°E

Quality: good

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#2: We brought almost the whole damn Tribe this time! #3: Furby and the proof #4: Kaya and Spence find the alien plants #5: Leneb and Spence Carb up for the assault

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  38°N 123°W (visit #1)  

#1: Grooving panorama of the view back towards Marin

(visited by Spencer Lindsay, Len Borruso, Deborah Lindsay and Kenna and Kaya Lindsay)

23-Aug-1999 -- Spencer, Deborah and I decided another etribe strike could take place at 38N 123W, which turned out to be at Point Reyes National Park. After a lot more experience with the new GPS, actually finding the point was not our primary concern. The chihuahua was.


Deborah figured that it would be fun to bring the kids along for 38N 123W but Spencer and I were hesitant due to terrain concerns. In our post postmodern world, finding sitters is a challenge greater than finding confluence points so when the day came we piled lil squirts Kaya, 6 and Kenna, 4, in the love van and zoomed off. The Lindsay household has a new pet named, Tallia, 2, whom I call the Love Dog cuz it's got nuthin' but love for you baby. It's a tiny chihuahua that constantly shakes like it's wired on a meth amphetamine and espresso combo. You'd be far from surprised to walk into the Lindsay home and find it jumping up and down on the trampoline--along with the rest of the kin.

I was wondering why 38N 123W had not been done, sitting as it does at the tip of truly majestic Point Reyes. Well, for one, the drive out to Point Reyes, especially from Santa Cruz, is one of epic proportions. The road just goes and goes, up into the hills and down to the sea and all the twists in it make you feel like you've just been through the spin cycle. We got a beat on the terrain from a friendly ranger at a really tricked out visitors center, which came complete with taxidermy ("Oooo, look at that stuffed vulture"), and churned on to our destination. Passing an "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign with the love van, we were able to scale a fairly steep incline and get within several hundred feet of the confluence. We were on government land (aka ours) and parked by a large compost-like heap. Adjacent to the mysterious mound, alien vegetation emanated from rich looking soil. We had to wonder if some secret government crop experiments were under way. Marching on, Deborah grabbed Kenna, Kaya took Tallia the Love Dog, I had the digital camera and Skinned Furby and Spencer lead the way, holding the GPS above his head, the way one might hold a newly broken finger, or a torch in a cave.

We made our way down a difficult but by no means impossible slope, which opened to the Pacific Ocean on our left. It was grassy, Deb, our mission herbologist, detected yarrow and we took samples. The grass was shin high, so we had to carry the tiny but amped love dog at various points. There were a few thorny plants to trounce or avoid. Kaya, our mission 6 year old, was worried about cows, since there are many in the surrounding region but was reassured by Spencer, mission papa, that there were no cows in our approximate area. Before we knew it, and as the new evening fog began to roll in, we had pinpointed the confluence at 38N 123W and we felt pretty good about it too.

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#1: Grooving panorama of the view back towards Marin
#2: We brought almost the whole damn Tribe this time!
#3: Furby and the proof
#4: Kaya and Spence find the alien plants
#5: Leneb and Spence Carb up for the assault
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Located at the tip of the Point Reyes Peninsula in Point Reyes National Seashore.