the Degree Confluence Project

Saudi Arabia : al-Riyād

145.3 km (90.2 miles) NE of Ranya (Makka), al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
Approx. altitude: 1137 m (3730 ft)
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Antipode: 22°S 136°W

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: The East view #3: The North view #4: A scenic sand view #5: A scenic granite view #6: Refuelling, Saudi style

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  22°N 44°E  

#1: The West view

(visited by Alistair Rausch, Zander Rausch and John Stephen)

07-Dec-2002 -- During the second half of the Ramaḍān `Īd religious holiday, we joined four other vehicles on a four-day camping trip in the desert. This was a 1,500 km trip that took us over sand dunes, along sand plains, through lava fields, and around granite mountains. During the trip we managed to visit three new confluence points (also see 21N 45E, 23N 44E).

Having reached the 21N 45E confluence, we bid farewell to another two vehicles who could only spend three days out with us. This left two vehicles to attempt the other confluence visits.

We headed back north and soon found tracks that took us to the west of the dune lines over the sand plains. This suited us perfectly, as we knew that there were large dunes further to the north and in time we passed these majestic dunes to the east of us. We veered westwards prior to reaching a known area of granite fields that was difficult to pass through. We kept this bearing which took us through beautiful areas of granite outcrops surrounded by a sea of sand. Using a friend’s GPS waypoint, we located the area’s fuel distributor, which consisted of two buildings and a gravity-fed fuel system. We refuelled and made our way towards the Confluence.

We located the confluence point on flat plains a little way from some stunning granite hills. The views from the point were typical of the area that we had travelled through for a hundred kilometres.

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#1: The West view
#2: The East view
#3: The North view
#4: A scenic sand view
#5: A scenic granite view
#6: Refuelling, Saudi style
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