the Degree Confluence Project

South Africa : Northern Cape

70.5 km (43.8 miles) E of Kamassies, Northern Cape, South Africa
Approx. altitude: 931 m (3054 ft)
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Antipode: 30°N 161°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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  30°S 19°E  

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(visited by Gordon Jacobsen and Robert Thorne)

26-Feb-2004 -- Having successfully visited 30S 20E, Robert Thorne and I set out from Granaatboskolk via a network of almost un-navigable gravel roads to 30S 19E. Although equipped with high detail 1:250,000 maps and two GPS units, we had quite a roundabout trip. Our excitement of having only 95 km between us and our next Confluence soon died away as roads shown on the maps turned out to be deeply rutted tracks.

After almost three hours of bouncing and rattling, we came upon what the map showed as a "Regional road", which is normally surfaced. The R358 however, turned out to be a gravel road. We turned south again, as we had been travelling firstly SE and then NE to this intersection. By this time the threat of darkness was a serious reality, so we made as much speed as possible down our "Regional" road.

The map showed the Confluence to be on a farm called "Tiekasvlei", to which we found a turn-off from the R358. Subsequent to leaving the main road, we drove up to the first farmhouse, and explained our mission to Mrs and Mr JH Kotze of the farm Tiekasvlei. Both elderly, Mrs Kotze was quite interested in our GPS equipment, and confessed that she had never thought that something such as a degree confluence could be on her farm. After promising to mark the spot for them, we set out through numerous farm gates.

It was late afternoon when we found the Confluence, having been able to drive to within about 400 m along a track close by. By this stage we were concerned that we might have strayed off Tiekasvlei, onto the farm "Kleinputs" belonging to EJ Visser. However, there were no houses nearby, so we continued.

This is a really flat, featureless part of the Bushmanland, with sheep and goat farming at a very low stock to hectare ratio. We skipped the "General view" photograph, as there is nothing outstanding in the area. One can see from the Compass views that, were it not for the position of the sun, all four pictures could have been taken in one direction.

On the way back to the main road, we again stopped at the Kotzes, giving them directions to the little cairn of stones we packed at the Confluence. We then continued north on the R358 "Road from Hell" to Pofadder, where we stopped for the night. Opposite our digs was this house painted and made up with statuettes and ornaments, bringing a little colour to an otherwise bleak world.

Continued at 29S 19E.

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